Aloma Wright at Day of Days 2014

Maxine and Abe. What happened? Watch the interview to find out.

Ari Zucker at Day of Days 2014

Ari Zucker dodges our “Who is your true love on Days?” question. It’s looking like a Dr Dan Nicole reunion.

Jen Lilley and Eric Martsolf at Day of Days 2014

Jen Lilley declares that she likes playing a bad girl. Could she be the next Sami?

Kristian Alfonso and Daniel Cosgrove at Day of Days 2014

Kristian Alfonso reflects on a life after Bo and what it means for her story line. Please ignore the gushing compliments at the beginning of the interview as I meet SOAP OPERA ROYALTY!

John Aniston and Suzanne Rogers at Day of Days 2014

John ¬†Aniston gives the approval for a Jennifer and Brady union (yawn!) and Suzanne says that it’s unlikely that Maggie will start drinking (darn!). Let’s hope these two break up soon because nothing is more boring than a happy couple on a soap (John Aniston’s words — not mine).

Bryan Dattilo at Day of Days 2014

Bryan teases us with the news that he will have a new and perhaps controversial love interest in the near future.

Lauren Koslow and James Read Interview at Day of Days 2014

Watch the interview to see Lauren Koslow’s reaction to our theory that Chad DiMera is actually her son.

EJami Reborn

by Amy and Jabie Plouf

Salem gathers to mourn Lexie. Kayla announces her marriage to Steve is over. Nicole and Daniel have dinner and kiss. EJami have a moment.