Sonny Has Feelings for Will

by Amy and Jabie Plouf

Sami and Lucas try to convince Will to stay away from EJ. Sami confronts EJ. Sonny reveals to Lucas he has feelings for WIll. Rafe and Agent Spencer can’t get a warrant to search EJ’s apartment so Nicole trys to do it. Will asks EJ what he saw in his mom. EJ won’t give up on Nicole’s baby.

Daniel and Nicole: Hottest Soap Couple Ever

by Amy and Jabie Plouf

Hope and Bo grieve Lexie. EJ convinces his father’s lawyer, Arthur, to forget the change of will or his paternity. Will plans to uncover EJ’s secret and nail him with it. Will being gay is the news of the town. Lumi is back together for real. Daniel and Nicole kiss.

Goodbye Lexie

Daniel and Nicole are hot, hot, hot. Will finds the letter from Alice Horton explaining EJ is not Stefano’s son. Kate goes psycho on Carrie, threatening her should she cheat again.

Who Shot Stefano?

Daniel says he will be there for Nicole and seals it with a kiss. Cameron and Abigail grow closer. Gabi hires a fake stalker to attack her. Stefano has a series of gun toting vengeful visitors.

What’s Your Dream Soap Cast?

by Ron
 I haven’t exactly been happy about a lot of the cast changes over the past year.  These additions and subtractions from the cast have made me think about a lot of different “what if” situations as it pertains to Days of our Lives and soaps in general.  The one I’ve thought about that most is “what if” I were put in a position of authority and had free range to hire who ever I wanted for Days or for a newly created soap opera.  Who would I hire?

With Y&R recently acquiring both Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams(two of four people from AMC I wish Days would’ve picked up) I’ve been asking myself more often lately, who would my dream soap cast be? I know a lot of us often wish that our favorite soap actors were back on Days, on Days for the first time, or on another soap that we may also enjoy. So here I pose a question to you all, if you were in charge of hiring for Days or any other soap(past or present or a newly created) which soap actors(past or present/living or deceased) would be a part of your dream soap? Since this is a dream scenario, make the cast as large or as small as you want to. In dream land, there’s enough screen time for everyone. Or if you don’t want list your entire dream cast, just list your top couple of choices.