DaysTalk is a project started by husband and wife team Amy and James Plouf.

About Amy…. I have always been an NBC soap girl. My brother watched Another World and gave me the soap bug but since I was younger, I had to go with Santa Barbara which was on later when  I got home from school.  I loved Eden and Kelly. My mom would tell me they had full faces like me. Eden and Cruz were my all time favorite love story. When that went off the air, I watched Another World. All the while, I would catch Days when I was home sick, which for me was often for some reason.

When I started college, my dorm was Days obsessed.  I knew enough of the storyline to easily switch. We were crazy! Through college and grad school I watched Days more than I should have to be successful! Oh, well, all turned out fine in the end.

Once I started life in the real world, Days took the back burner. I was never good about using a VCR (dating myself).   I would catch Days when I could.  I was a speech pathologist in the school system so I had summers off and ample breaks around the holidays.

Then James, Jabie, came along. Talk about a soap opera. I was obsessed with him like Sami after Austin! I decided he was my “husband”  before we ever spoke and fantasized about his proposal before our first date. Luckily he didn’t mind, because we were engaged two months after our first date on his birthday.

When we had our first child, I started watching Days again.  A common maternity leave action I believe. When I returned to work, I would “sneak” Days in.  Jabie at first seemed to mock this use of my time. But eventually he would wander by and ask, “So has Sami really changed”.  Pretty soon he gave up the charade and would just sit down and watch with me.  It became our way to unwind together after the demands of work and childrearing were done for the day.

We love making predictions and would joke about having our own website. One day we decided to go for it, and thus we have Daystalk.com

I hope you are having as much fun as us. Our motto is, the couple that watches Days together, stays together!


Oh Hello! I’m Lindsay Dyson (@MissLinsie) and I write the “Day ahead re-cap” for Days of our Lives on DaysTalk. Living in Canada, I get to watch Days a day ahead of others (It’s on the special channels). I don’t have a penguin as a pet nor do I live in an igloo or like snow for that matter. I’m 27yrs old (born in 1984), single, an only child and have been watching Days of our Lives since about age 4. My mom and I would have some mother/daughter “Days” time nightly. I can definitely say it gave me nightmares (Stefano scared the crap out of me but I’ve learned to love him) and the whole devil in Marlena thing….well that’s not something a child should watch if they’re expected to sleep.

I have a medical background and currently work for an insurance company in Ontario (but I’m not opposed to moving somewhere hotter if I can keep our Canadian healthcare).

p.s. If you see that I spell certain words wrong, “favourite, colour, neighbour etc” remember that this is how we in Canada roll :o)

Hellooo, I’m Rachel, and my daughter Sydney and I are the mother-daughter team that do the weekly recaps for DaysTalk!  I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was a fetus.  Literally, since my Mom’s watched the show all her life I’m assuming I heard some of it in utero…  The same thing goes for Sydney, I’m sure she heard some of the show from my belly too.  I remember being really small and having memories of Days like when Marlena “died” but really got kidnapped by Stefano, I remember when John was recast as Roman and then… well you know what they did after that, Jennifer/Frankie, Shane/Kimberly…

Days has been such a huge part of my life for so long, I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  I will always have memories of watching Days with my Mom every night when she got home from work… That was back when we had to use a VHS tape to record it! Sometimes, if really good stuff was going on I would cheat and watch it before she got home and then again with her.  When I was really little I always knew I wanted to be an actress and I actually wanted to be ON the show since as long as I can remember.  For now, though I’m happy just to be able to talk about it with you guys!

I am 33 years old and work as a Respiratory Therapist in a Southern California hospital, I have three kids ages 14, 6, and 14 months.  Sydney is 14 years old and a freshman in High School.  She is a great student, and is also on the Basketball Team and Swim Team.  She is also a fully fledged teenager with an attitude who hates cleaning her room and doing chores! We will always try to keep things funny and interesting for you guys when we do our recaps because that’s just how we are!  We are silly, goofy and talkative!  You should see what our house is like everyday!  GHIA!!!