Is Sami Pregnant?

By James Plouf

There are rumors flying around that Sami is pregnant. This seems like an obvious direction to take this storyline. Is it Fake Rafe or Old Rafe?

Has Sami ever know with certainty the father of any of her children?

Anyway, this should make for some good tension around the Hernandez house. Speaking of the H-clan, if the DiMira’s kill Dario then Rafe is going to have to kill EJ (even if he goes to jail). One family killing two of your siblings is more than any FBI agent can take.

  • Special K

    Oh, please, don’t you think Sami has enough kids?



  • Steph

    I certainly hope she is not pregnant. How many friggin children are they going to make her have. The twins being from 2 different fathers was quite enough! If the child is from Rafe–a loving relationship, the first child to come from a loving relationship- then ok. But PLEASE not from the creature…that has been played out!

  • Steph

    I certainly hope she is not pregnant. How many friggin children are they going to make her have. The twins being from 2 different fathers was quite enough! If the child is from Rafe–a loving relationship, the first child to come from a loving relationship- then ok. But PLEASE not from the creature…that has been played out!

  • Steph

    I certainly hope she is not pregnant. How many friggin children are they going to make her have. The twins being from 2 different fathers was quite enough! If the child is from Rafe–a loving relationship, the first child to come from a loving relationship- then ok. But PLEASE not from the creature…that has been played out!

  • Sue

    In all fairness to Sami, she knew that Lucas was Will’s father, she just tried to make it look like Austin was. She also knew that EJ was Sydney’s father, she just wanted to hide it from him because he’s a DiMera. For the twins, she had a 50/50 shot, and EJ being Johnny’s father instead of Lucas was because of EJ raping her. Not her being promiscuous.

  • Debra Burton

    Who’s the Daddy storyline for Sami is SOOOO yesterday!!!! Let’s move on!!!

  • Ash

    I think it would be nice if she and Rafe had a baby, he’s a good father figure and deserves a child of his own. Not that I’m saying Sami’s kids aren’t his or that he doesn’t love them, because he does, but I think it would be nice if he had one running around that was his.

  • Kira

    i hope its rafe’s the real one i just want the fake rake storyline to end!

  • OhComeOn

    Well in real life, the actor is still young enough to have more kids, but Sami is passed her prime. She has a son about to graduate. Even if she had him at 18 that makes her how old folks? Oh nvm… Hope was in her 50s when she had Sierra.

  • Mayhewma

    Come on….Sami needs a break.  Let her enjoy her life with Rafe for a little bit….then add some spice to it!

  • Pdiller

    Sami doesn’t need any more children and I for one am tired of the NOT knowing who’s child is whos. Writers give us a rest on this crap. I think that if all the other stuff hadn’t of happened then it would make a great story but to have to wonder if it is RAFEs or FAKE RAFEs is really not needed.

  • Kickazzbitch22

    SOOO tired of Sami having so many kids….with NO JOB!! People in Salem are going to get tired of supporting her kids while she sits on her lazy butt and keeps popping out babies for the government to take care of.

  • Jennifer

    I think that Sami and the REAL Rafe have had ENUF tragety for a while. Lets see some happiness for them for a while THEN bring it on!! :)

  • Kbarnett03

    I hope she isnt but if she is I would hope the writers would have some common sense to make it Real Rafe’s since she hasnt sex with the Robo Rafe is God knows how long b/c she hated it. The time just wouldnt match up with the story line… seriously tho, love her but they gotta stop making her have kids, soon she will have her own baseball team lol

  • barb

    Do we really need another ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ storyline???????
    How about something original like Sami is actually pregnant with Rafe’s child and it really is his kid?  That would be something new for Days to try.  I love DOOL and have watched it since I can remember, but I am tired of this storyline.

  • Snowqueen716

    Are the writers forever continue to make Sami the DUMB BLONDE. how many questionable children are we going to have to livw through? Story line was old last time and this time OM GOSH. give us loyal Days(for over 35yrs I might add) a break!

  • SpellChecker

    It’s spelled DiMera.. That is all.. :)

  • BP

    Rafe having a kid would be nice because she truly loves him and he is the only man she has truly loved! Leave them alone for a while…too much Who’s your Daddy with one person!

  • Courtneyk58

    I am frankly getting tired of the storyline about who is the father of Sami’s baby.  I have been watching Days since it first came on in the 60’s and really, this storyline is getting so old!

  • Hannah Broich

    I think these are only rumors and don’t have any substance to them. If they go with a Sami pregnant s/l again and who is the father routine, they’ll lose even more viewers. *Spoiler* – Sami is going to have a job and I saw a recent AS tweet with video of her filming with Nate Berkus. Highly doubt they’d make her pregnant while entering the professional world?

  • famousamos1993

    If so I agree with Steph.  All the decent families are dying off, it’s time Salem starts some new one… Let Sami be happy for a change.  Enough is enough.  Sami is all grown up now.  Time to settle down and enjoy life. 

  • Derlandpatty

    I hope she is prgent it i good for her and it is rafes

  • Marilynplumley12

    I agree,she dont need anymore kids.And if she is lets just hope its rafes and not robo rafe,we realy need to move on with that part of the story.I no i speak for ever one, we are all glad to see are rafe back.

  • A fan

    Does Sammi never us birth control?

  • Bellakarmen

    Don’t you think Sami would learn after the Octomom real life story???  Or at least her OB-GYN should have had a “little talk” with her after her last delivery! 

    This is especially disturbing because Sami has never WORKED.  This sends a BAD message
    out there.

     Most of us do not have Grandmothers at the Pub who also doesn’t work much who can take the kids for most of the time.  Caroline’s entertainment skills for tykes must be

  • Debi

    How many times can this same story line be played out?? Enough already, get some new material!!

  • Age1812

    if they’re goona have sami have another baby, they HAVE to make it real Rafe’s. Other wise I think a lot of people will disagree with that and not want to watch it anymore, on the account that would be to predictable.. and it would be nice if Rafe could have one of his own with Sami, not that he don’t love Sami’s as his own but it would be cool!!

  • Chelle Eremia

    She needs to be on birth control already. Too many kids as it is. She doesn’t really need another child to add to the mess/drama, however it is a husband who hasn’t procreated with her so I guess it’s just in her natural personality to get pregnant from someone new. I really hope it’s Rafe. Not the imposter.

  • youwish

    Thanks Sue, that was well said you and it was all facts. Couldn’t have posted it better myself :)

  • Littleangel85

    It needs to be the real rafe cause the storyline of the fake rafe is kinda old i mean come on can they really cange someone like that

  • marypat

    Do we really need another “whose baby is it” .
    …Think Sami has risen to better roles than that, come on writers get your creative juices going …
    And please write Taylor out of the picture, she is nauseating ………….

  • 1951B

    I am hoping it’s Fake Rafes Baby. So Sammi can go threw the 4 letter like she put EJ. Sami is no angel. She is evil and should never have gotten the kids.  She acts sweet, but all she has done will never change my mind about her.

  • 1951B

    Yes, BUT I WANT HER TO GO THREW WHAT SHE PUT EJ THREW. She isn’t blameless on the fake Rafe thing. She kept pushing EJ to make Rafe their father. Drove EJ out of his mind. IF Samie hadn’t tried to take those kids from EJ who loved them He would NEVER HAVE DONE THIS. So Samie you need to go threw the 4 letter word you put EJ threw. Having Fake Rafes baby would do it… I sure hope she is. this will continue for a long time. To remind her she is the one who pushed EJ by trying to keep him from his kids. She shot him almost killed him. She should go threw 4 letter word…yes, it’s hateful but she never paid for what she did.

  • 1951B


  • 1951B

    Like to see Rafe Killed out. out of the show. AS a DADDY no he stole EJs. He should have excepted EJ being those kids father. He loved them. He tried to be a good man/father but SAmie pushed, lied, tried to kill him, Rafe edged her on. … I like to see Sami/Rafe both killed out of the picture. sick of them both.

  • 1951B

    it hasn’t been that long.

  • 1951B

    kill them both off and they will get a break. I am sick of them both over 2 yrs of it.

  • 1951B

    think she was younger than that.

  • 1951B

    one more time for she will suffer with Fake Rafes.. baby..

  • Rachelle schwab

    It better be Rafe’s, she needs a break from bad things happening, besides those two really do love each other so it better be his. LOL

  • amanda etheridge

    as many kids as she has she BETTA know the definition of BIRTH CONTROL by now. JEEZ

  • Elizabeth

    Oh no, not again! :{

  • daysfaninky

    The only baby I want her to have is one with Lucas! With them back together, happy, and to actually raise a child together. Like Bo and Hope! Is that too much to ask for????

  • Imstormie2

    Knocked up again?  Hasn’t she ever heard of birth control? 

  • Imstormie2

    I always liked Sami through the years when she has has a good sl, but lately she sux.  i think that since Allison has so many other gigs going she is getting ready to leave the show permanently

  • Lonestar55

    whatever Sami has supposedly done to EJ, I would have done the same thing…he’s the scum of the earth and I’m so over him and his father…they’ve lost their usefulness, I think.

  • Nanaskid44

    OMG please let it be Rafe’s let sammie and Rafe be happy for a change Rafe would make a super father

  • Charter50

    EJ deserved it!  Look what he put her through…

  • Rhonda

    Oh please! Can’t we hear about some of the others on Days? Sami does not need anymore kids!  Day’s needs another stable coupe to take D. Tom’s and Mrs. H’s place.  Why not let Jennifer and Daniel take that part or Carrie and Austin. And put Bo back with Carly, Hope is just not the same anymore. 

  • Angie

    An obvious direction?  An obviously bad direction.

  • Jode Sandiford

    Most of what Sami has done to EJ was in RETALIATION. She does not “deserve” fake Rafe’s child. We can see she is actually trying to hold her family together by having a good marriage and all the manipulation and scheming has halted. Whatever she has done in the past is in the past. EJ deserved the shot in the head…..enough said….and Rafe would be an excellent father.

  • Jode Sandiford

    P.S I do hope she is not pregnant…

  • Franlynch2008

    I hope not!  They have worn this one out!!  I don’t care for what they are doing to Carly either!!  We have more villians on the show than anything else…..What is up with that??? They are making the good people, Chloe, & Carly bad, the lists keeps getting longer and then they let Maggie get shot!  I saw that one coming….

  • Jolene1971

    oh god please she has plenty and they live in a small one bedroom it looks she needs a house if she going to keep breeding lol say a mansion

  • Sandi

    The scare happens, but she isn’t pregnant. She and Rafe discuss having a child together. She goes to work for the new lady and Rafe is supposedly fired from his job at Salem PD. Ali Sweeney is supposed to get fewer air time and take some time off, FAIK.

  • Mmn53

    I thought Dario was going to go join thre FBI?

  • Samifan

    First of all it’s “through” not threw. What Sami has done to EJ is NOTHING compared to what he as put Sami through. Sami wanted to take the kids from EJ and hide the fact that Sydney was EJ’s because #1Stephano and #2EJ =EVIL Stephano has tortured the Brady family for years~look what he has done to Marlena and John alone and EJ was nice in the beginning but then turned evil as well. Seriously…you can’t compare what Sami did with what EJ has done to her. EJ raped Sami, also told her that her baby was dead, took her husband away from her and replaced him with a criminal who basically raped her for months…those things alone would justify anything Sami has done to HIM. Seriously are we watching the same show?

  • samifan

    REALLY?? You want the good people to be killed and the EVIL people to prevail?! Usually it’s the other way around…well with MOST people anyway. EJ is pure EVIL~just because he is cute doesn’t mean he is good. 

  • samifan

    REALLY?? You want the good people to be killed and the EVIL people to prevail?! Usually it’s the other way around…well with MOST people anyway. EJ is pure EVIL~just because he is cute doesn’t mean he is good. 

  • samifan

    Wow…taking this show a bit seriously aren’t we?

  • samifan

    Wow…taking this show a bit seriously aren’t we?

  • misspriss32

    Sami had Will when she was, like, 16. so She is not past her prime b/c it makes her in her 30’s now. big deal. If being in your 30’s and having a baby is wrong, then you are obviously either too young or old to do the math.

  • misspriss32

    The government isn’t taking care of Sami’s kids…the family is…baby daddies and grandparents, not to mention her latest husband. However, she should get a job for a new storyline. :)

  • Sue (tvcat1)

    Wow, they really know how to get people riled up! I think Sami getting pregnant won’t happen. Remember, we are right at the time the new writers started to re-write 17 scripts in Aug. So, I’m betting this won’t happen. It probably would have if Higley were still the headwriter.
    I agree Sami does not need this type of story.

  • Santa Ray

          We have never seen the mother of Rafe, Dario, Arianna, or Gabby even though they have been married, hospitalized, jailed, and Arianna died! Could it be she and Stephano are really half siblings?

  • not_again

    This story line was already played out with BOPE and Ciara. Please no more Sami children

  • Misty Lynn Schneider

    Sami has been a cast member since she was a child.  She’s not going anywhere.  EJ’s lines will be long gone before her’s.  If anything he’ll die, only to rise again as “Phoenix Jr.”  years later.  After all, no matter how much we hate and grow weary of the evil in Salem, it must exist.  Without it there’s no drama.  But I’m for Sami not pregnant, and secondly pregnant by real Rafe… leave the baby drama out for little while at least, it’s too soon.

  • old bag

    I’ve been thinking for quite some time that Sami would end up being pregnant by The Creature. Something has to come between Sami and Rafe. Maybe the return of Austin?

  • vayne

    Well if she is pregnant please please don’t let it be fake rafes, i think that wouldn’t be a good thing. Let samiand rafe be happy not haunted by the imposter…