Is Sami Pregnant?

By James Plouf

There are rumors flying around that Sami is pregnant. This seems like an obvious direction to take this storyline. Is it Fake Rafe or Old Rafe?

Has Sami ever know with certainty the father of any of her children?

Anyway, this should make for some good tension around the Hernandez house. Speaking of the H-clan, if the DiMira’s kill Dario then Rafe is going to have to kill EJ (even if he goes to jail). One family killing two of your siblings is more than any FBI agent can take.

  • not_again

    This story line was already played out with BOPE and Ciara. Please no more Sami children

  • old bag

    I’ve been thinking for quite some time that Sami would end up being pregnant by The Creature. Something has to come between Sami and Rafe. Maybe the return of Austin?

  • vayne

    Well if she is pregnant please please don’t let it be fake rafes, i think that wouldn’t be a good thing. Let samiand rafe be happy not haunted by the imposter…