• Neesie

    the video is just a black box….??

  • Anonymous

    I loved how Mel showed some of her “old self” yesterday, calling out Dario. I’m neutral on Dario at this point. I also loved how Brady came to protect Mel. I still wonder if they’d pair Mel w/ Brady.

    I’m confused w/ NuRafe…I thought he said he was looking up “perves”, but now I think he was saying “perps”…I’d feel much better if NuRafe was not a sex-offender. It was pretty funny how the blond girl in the office said if she saw him (the guy on the screen), she would be creeped out, and could imagine him sneaking up on some unsuspecting girl. He seemed none to happy about that.

    I liked Caroline in this episode. You can tell that she suspects there is more to the Rafe story than just the accident. It would be nice if she somehow helped crack the case (although it will probably be Kate).
    Unfortunately, Gabby came in just as NuRafe was about to tell Dario that he had no idea who he was. I’m tired of that s/l.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and to clarify, I wasn’t suggesting that NuRafe telling Johnny to beat the crap out of Reed was a good thing. I just thought it was a funny story that my dad told me all the right things, and I sprung straight to bringing the guy to his knees.

  • http://www.youtube.com/123randomone Ron

    Awwww, I’m blushing lol, thanks for the compliments.

    My guess is that they don’t have meet and greets for writers because they’re probably more likely to be met with scrutiny than the actors are.

    As I’ve said before I’ve skipped a lot of episodes this year so I might have missed something but when did Caroline get off house arrest because her just being at the pub had me scratching my head. It looks like there aren’t going to be any repercussions from her switching the the test results and if that’s the case I am going to have to go into rant mode which I’ve been trying not to do lately because I’ve actually been enjoying the show but I’ve got three topics I’m ready to rant on at any minute if I have to and Caroline would be one of them.

    The guy that plays Dario seems like he’s new to acting, like he’s uncomfortable or that he has an accent that he’s trying to suppress.

    You can go as far beyond 15 minutes as you want now on YouTube. About a month or two after YouTube went to 15 minutes they got rid of the limit all together even though it still says up to 15 minutes when you go the upload page. But as soon as they got rid of the limit I saw people uploading stuff that’s 20 minutes long and even over an hour long.

    Other than Victor’s storylines the thing I’m most intrigued with is Kate & Vivian because I want to see who is going to find out what’s going on first.

  • Anonymous

    I told ya, you should do your own recap, it would be awesome!

    As much as I love (and would love to look like Kate), I think Viv will crack the Rafe2 case first, w/ the help of her hilarious friend, Gus!

  • Melissa


    I agree with Karen, you should do recaps!! That would be so awesome !!!!

    On a side note, Lawanda would be great too !!!

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwwwww Melissa u are the sweetest! I have been catching up on Days on Hulu.com (thx Jabie and Amy!). Is it just me or does Dario look more related to Chad than he does to Rafe and Gabi? I see some major DiMera in him. Im thinking he and Mel will be a great team given they both have street smarts and either wont be able to get over on the other. I love it! They remind me of the old Sami and EJ. This is what we need on DOOL.

    Sorry to see Nathan go but if he takes Steph with him its all good!

    Im wondering what role this new chick at the police office is gonna play… I think were running out of guys but Im hoping with Nicoles recent phone call that Brandon is coming back to town.

    Im so hoping they dont recast Taylor and if they do I hope its not that Eva chick who played Nicoles BFF and Steves crazy ex. Not cool at all. Thats actually kinda creepy.

    Im gonna try and be on here more but my new position is so time consuming and I love it but I still miss and LOVE u guys!

  • http://twitter.com/ker08 Katie

    i think that is what the issue w/Dario is, he has an accent he’s attempting to surpress. Honestly i think it’d just be better if he kept it; sure Rafe/Arianna/Gabi don’t have one, but i think it’s always possible to obtain one while living away from home (my aunt/uncle/cousins have a slightly southern one after moving to Georgia).

  • Cakelady16

    This entire show sucks lately. Nothing makes sense,not that it ever did.It’s boring+I’m thinking of dropping it.

  • Alicia E

    I thought Dario looked MUCH better on Wednesday’s show than on Tuesday’s. I think somebody gave him a doofy hair-do on Tuesday. *Bellakarmen, you are rubbing off on me. What do you thinks of Melanie’s bangs?*
    Karen M, … I had to double-check. The first time, R2 DID say “perves”! But the second time, he said “perp”. I didn’t hear anything that sounded too severe from his rap sheet, so it’s a little hazy as to what he meant by “perve”. Hmm
    Amy P, Where I live, kids in Elementary school aren’t even allowed to play tag because it involves chasing. (Sometimes I long for the days when we could run with sticks and get in cow-pie fights… and hit each other. lol) R2’s advice could have used a little tweak by Salem standards, and a BIG tweak by real-life in this day and age standards, but he seemed to mean well by it.
    Ron, in response to Bo’s “Daniel-like speed” lol — It would seem that, at least for the moment, Bo’s and Daniel’s reputations are swapped.

  • Bellakarmen

    Alicia, you know it’s funny. As soon as I liked some actors’ hair, the very next day they would all look
    terrible? lol. To be “the hair police” is too exhausting
    for me D)! I do like Mel’s bangs, her hairstyles are very versatile (good for show biz).
    Speaking of NuRafe, he made me laugh yesterday with the line, “Well, allrighty then” at the police station.
    The WRITING has been so much better for NuRafe; what a shame they could not have written such good
    stuff for RealRafe.

  • Alicia E

    Bellakarmen, I think I see what you mean. Dario is a good example of that – Tuesday = terrible, Wednesday = not too shabby, Thursday = WTH? I think this guy is going to need a hat. lol I like Melanie’s bangs too, btw.
    R2, NuRafe, Robo-Rafe… no matter what you call him, he keeps crackin’ me up, too. Let’s continue to share favorite R2 quotes! That’ll be fun – and easier than dealing with hair issues, I should think 😉
    Hannah, I’m getting more and more tempted to hear the rest of your theory. Those recreated Ejami scenes keep getting more and more blatant!
    Angie, I must acknowledge that even though I have myself convinced that the whole – Jack as abandoner – s/l is a crock… 1) They might actually be running with this! and 2) Even if they’re not – they’re depicting Jenn, Abby, Adrienne, and Maggie as believing that it’s true. And that, in and of itself, is not cool. At this point, I’m starting to really worry about Jack.

  • Angie

    Yeah, someone’s off any way you slice it. I keep telling myself: Jack and Jen survived Reilly. They’ll survive this. But I don’t know, and it’s bumming me out. Even if he does come back and they’re reunited, I’m worried the writing for them will suck. What the heck am I doing caring this much about a soap couple? I guess I just hate to see a good love story destroyed. I mean, it’s like a sequel to _It’s a Wonderful Life_ in which George Bailey does ditch Mary and the kids so that he can finally become a world explorer. But at least George did want to be a world explorer. I can’t imagine Jack wanted to go on a walkabout.

  • Libby

    From a writing perspective and how should be done and was done. See Days45online interview with Sheri Anderson.


    If folks have questions about the show direction and how the writing is being led — Greg Meng, Exec in charge of Production at Corday Productions will be at the Atlanta Book Signing next Monday 3.21.2011 6pm-8pm and the New Orleans Book signing on Friday, 3.4.2011 – as well. Lots of folks are flying into NOLA – the lineup of actors are stellar including JS, JM, AZ, KA, PR, Deidre Hall and more! Flights are cheap and rooms are available.

    Sheri Anderson, former headwriter of show in 1980-90s) will be at the Atlanta book signing – but will be there to discuss her book, A Secret in Salem in stores now and the next novel in the series ( focusing on John, Marlena, Kayla and Patch) due in stores in May. Her final novel will come out in the fall focusing on Shane and Kimberly.

    I just completed a very interesting compilation from Warner Brothers Television Wrting workshop – which offers a lot of suggestions that DH as Head Writer could implement to improve character development and story – if she remains in her position.

  • Libby

    typo – the NOLA book signing is Friday 3.24.2011.

  • Libby

    Full list of folks participating in the Atlanta Book Signing at Suwanne City Hall ( North Georgia – off I_85) will be

    Sheri Anderson, former HW and writer of Days- based novels
    Greg Meng, Exec in Charge of Production- Corday Prod
    Eddie Campbell, Photographer and Co- Author of 45th Anniv Coffeetable book
    Crystal Chappell
    Chandler Massey(native Georgian)
    Eric Martsolf
    Nadia Bjorlin
    Jim Reynolds
    Galen Gering

    I will be submitting a brief report to DT based upon my experience at this signing, if you cannot make it.

    If I can make it to NOLA event, I will also forward on a brief report from there too. Not sure I can get away on Friday or not.

    If you are in GA, NC or SC – it would not be a long drive to attend the GA book signing. HOpe to see you there.

  • http://twitter.com/ker08 Katie

    anyone else get the impression that the blonde girl in the police station (McCarthy?) will turn into a crazy-psycho stalker obsessed over Rafe once real-Rafe comes back? I got that impression what with how ott happy she was he was back…

  • Angie

    I do not generally base how I feel about a character on looks (okay, fine, James Scott’s looks certainly aren’t doing EJ any harm), but something about Dario’s eyes is bothering me.

  • http://twitter.com/HannahBroich Hannah Broich

    I don’t think Dario is so much for Melanie as I think he’s there to reveal truth about Rafe. The truth behind Emily, anyone??

    I will say that it BOTHERS ME GREATLY that Dario has NEVER been mentioned before!!! And when will we meet Mama Hernandez already?

    BUT the Dario/Gabby scene on 3/16 was AWKWARD. I look forward to Dario growing into his character – and you’re right, Jabie – it does take a while for the audience to warm up to most new actors as they discover who their character is – and how he/she “ticks”. BUT I LOVED EJ IMMEDIATELY when he came – same for Nathan. For me, it took a while to warm up to Melanie and I NEVER warmed up to the new Stephanie. But I am going to give Dario a chance b/c I’m hoping the writers do it RIGHT and reveal more of Rafe’s back story via Dario.

    Wasn’t that picture of the real Rafe2 FREAKY?! I’m kind of hoping that once Rafe1 gets his memory back, he is actually a blend of Rafe1 and Rafe2 (minus Rafe2’s perv-ness).

    I thought Taylor was supposed to move in to the guest house, too. Hmm….doesn’t that defeat the purpose of her moving in in the first place?! Anyone notice how Taylor has moved in to, drumroll please…….Sami’s old room?! The room EJ was shot in!? And NO ONE HAS MENTIONED THE SHOOTING IN ALL THIS?! Something is awry, my friends!

    Exactly: WHERE IS SLEUTHING NICOLE?! She would have had this figured out one week ago!

    OH and to answer your question from last recap about Jack, let me say this: Jack + Nature = Disaster!

  • Anonymous

    Hannah, I agree w/ you regarding some of the “new” characters. I liked EJ right away, as well as Nathan. I did not like Mel at all when she first came on, but now I love her…funny how that works. If nothing else, I like how Dario brought back some of the fire in Melanie, I loved her spunk w/ him.
    And, yes, Nicole is way to smart to not figure out the EJ/Taylor thing. Now suddenly she’s all sappy sweet w/ her, that’s just not the Nicole I know and love.

  • Littlejenny_04

    If Melanie end up with Dario I will be so pissed because she and Nathan should be together. I hate that he is leaving and I really don’t see her and Dario together. Yuck!! I’m getting so fed up of all this…need new writters really!!