Stefano DiMera’s Legacy Lives on his New Found Son Chad….

by Sarah

It was revealed last week that Stefano has fathered another child: Chad Peterson-Woods after a flashback Kate had of Stefano and Chad’s mother, Madeline, who died earlier in this summer in Salem from a fall down the famous pier stairs, making love. Now, Chad already has two dominant forces living in Salem at the present moment, an older brother EJ and an older sister Lexie. However, where are the other children Stefano has fathered over the years?

Stefano has seven children. It is a coincidence that his four other children are already deceased. Stefano’s had a daughter with Lee DuMonde named Renee who died in 1983. His next child was Tony DiMera, who he had with Daphne. Tony died last year, after an accident on the pier. After Tony, Stefano had an affair with an unknown woman, and gave birth to a daughter named Megan Hathaway, who later died in 1985. After Renee, Stefano had an affair with psychic Celeste Perreault, who fathered Alexandra Brooks, or affectionately known as Lexi. Stefano also fathered Benjy Hawk, with Ellen Hawk, who died 2007. EJ’s mother is Susan Banks.

Stefano’s offspring Lexi and EJ are dominant forces in Salem, and Chad has the potential to be a key new DiMera, following in either Lexi’s footsteps of tolerating her father due to blood relations, but staying away from the Phoenix or he could follow in EJ’s steps, and fully live the way of the Phoenix, participating in all the violent acts and schemes Stefano has grown famous for as a villain on Days of Our Lives. What do you think will be the next chapter for the New DiMera: Chad Peterson-Woods? Would you like Stefano to know the truth, or do you think he’ll meet the fate of Renee, Megan, Benjy, and Tony?

  • Hannah

    I think Chad has the potential to be pure evil – what EJ was trained to be, yet could never be because of his love for Samantha.

  • Jennifer M

    What I never understood is why Stefano never went after Benjy child? When Benjy came back to Salam he talked about how he was worried for his wife and child. It seem unlikely for Stefano not to want to be around a grand child.

  • Libby

    Hannah, I agree with you.
    Good post, as usual – Sarah. I do think EJ’s mother is Susan Banks.

  • spartandolphin

    I’m not sure if anyone’s read it, but I really like the novel “Bless Me, Ultima” by Rudolfo Anaya. One of the themes of the novel is centered around his two families and which one he’d want to be like. There’s an ever-constant struggle. I think Chad should go through this. I don’t want him to be one or the other. If he’s like EJ, I’ll hate his guts. If he’s like Lexi, we’ll never see him. He has to be three-demensional. He tries to do the right thing, but sometimes comes out wrong, unlike EJ who does the wrong thing and everyone forgives him. That’s silly. I think Chad will be a better DiMera than EJ.

    Also, I miss Benjy. I thought he was hott before he died, haha.

  • Libby

    I also think that Chad could harbor a lot of resentment against EJ. Chad was an only child with Madeline and Charles – and never felt the unconditional love from Charles. Now, he will be Stefano’s son.o But he is #2 behind Stefano’s pride and joy, EJ. Plus, EJ and his dysfunctional marriage to Nicole resulted in the confusing adoption of Chad and. Mia’s baby, Grace.
    Everyone has been pointing out depressed and distant Chad has been since his mother’s sudden death. He may have a lot of resentments that might come out in unexpected ways.

  • Renae

    Chad is desperate for love at this point feeling guilt over his mother’s death and apathy from his father. Perfect opportunity for Stefano to step in and use it to his advantage.
    Personally I think Ej will become like Tony, he’s already on his way, and Chad will be the evil Dimera Stefano always dreamed of. Either way I think there are a lot of interesting directions they can take this with relation to Ej/Chad, Chad/Will, Chad/ Gabbie. Hopefully the writers will give us something good.
    Also, don’t know if anyone has brought this up but I am dying to see what Stefano will do when he finds out Kate has kept this from him. Don’t think it will go over well. Then you add to that her phone call to Sami and she is in deep water. Don’t know what that woman is thinking.

  • KatieR

    Hannah, I was just wondering that too….Is Chad pure evil?? Someone mentioned a while back (please correct me if I’m wrong) that Stefano was supposed to be the “7th son of the 7th son” or something like that. Well Chad may not be the 7th son, but from what you wrote it does appear he is the 7th child. In that case does it mean that Chad is the “new Phoenix”?

  • Mikey M

    Great reason for Chad and Will to get together now.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1074495986">Sarah Carver Carl</fb:name>

    Sorry everyone about the typo for Susan Banks. Thanks for reading my post! 🙂 I think Chad will struggle with EJ between being a DiMera and being true to himself. It should be interesting to see what happens.

  • Alicia E

    So, baby Grace was a Dimera after all!

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1074495986">Sarah Carver Carl</fb:name>

    @Alicia E I just realized that too from when you reminded us! That’s so interesting Grace was a DiMera. I wonder if she is still alive? I loved the Grace storyline!

  • spartandolphin

    @ Mikey – That’s what I’ve been posting for ages now!!! I wants me some Chill up in here! Go ratings! I’m telling you a Horton/Brady with a DiMera. Great opportunity!

  • Alicia E

    Sarah Carver Carl, after all the trauma of her passing, it’s hard to imagine them bringing Grace back… But oh, the drama if they did!
    Mikey M and spartandolphin, why the hey not? Any kind of Brady/Dimera relationship is just pure entertainment. And I like these two together as friends very much. Maybe they COULD be more?

  • Lana

    This is Salem – Chad will eventually learn the truth but hopefully, he chooses the path Lexie took.

  • Sue

    After all this time they put in making Chad a Dimera, I don’t think they would kill him off. At least not for a long time. It looks like Will will be the ‘good’ guy therefor Chad must be the ‘bad’ guy. He will probably turn evil.

    Hopefully this will be entertaining. At the very least it will mix up the cast and we’ll have Chad doing scenes with EJ, Stephano etc. Something different for the very young guys than a lame tri/quad angle with teen girls.

  • Hannah

    Renae – ITA with you.
    AliciaE – Good point! There’s no need to change her tombstone!

  • Michael Jenkins

    The more dimeras the better, Casey and James look alike.

    I want to see Ej bring out the dimera in chad!

  • Kali Burgos

    I kinda figured he’d be a DiMera. What else is new with DAYS?! Stefano has so many children, I lost count. LOL. I think he’ll try to be more like Lexi but with Stefano, who knows? I mean, he had Lexi in his hands at one time. So you never know. And I think Nicole’s baby never died. I think they took her and have her hidden. Maybe Stefano has her somewhere. Just like he always does. That would be great. LOL.

  • Christina

    i think chad wil be like a real dimera son cuz EJ is to loving and nice and he couldnt carry on as stefano’s evilness because EJ is not like a dimera, but i think chad has that coldness about him