James Scott Talks About the Rape Scene

By James Plouf

There are a couple of topics you probably want to avoid when you are talking to James Scott. First, don’t ask about all his tattoos. For the record he has tattoos (writing) on his inner forearm. I have also heard from another cast member that he has a good portion of his arm/shoulder covered in tattoos. There is speculation that these tattoos are the reason he is always in suits. Covering up the ink with makeup is a time consuming task.

The second topic to stay away from is the rape scene on Days. This is controversial stuff so I will tread lightly. In the scene EJ offered Sami his assistance in saving Lucas if she would have sex with him in the car. He did not force her with any physical threats to have sex. She could have said no.

Anyway, at the meet and greet I did have a chance to discuss this with James Scott. He made it clear that he was a bit tired of talking about it and that people need to realize that it is a tv show. If he had it to do all over again he would have re-written the scene so that Sami was the one offering the sex in exchange for his help. His exact words when describing the re-write of the scene: “I’ll fuck you if you save Lucas… I mean I’ll have sex with you.”

I love it when celebrities drop the F-bomb. It makes me feel like they are human and that they feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

  • Gertrude

    You guys already told us this on your other blog. Nobody cares. I also thought this site was PG, I am offended by your choice of words. Next time you could have bleeped that word.

  • tristd

    James I heart you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you! Love the rewrite, haha! You are an amazing actor, enough said!

  • huh

    Huh …. your character had threatened her… do you not recall she slapped you across the face after you RAPED her … if your character was good … i mean A BIG IF!!! be/c nothing about EJ is good… he would have helped Sami without an ultimatum …

  • luvdayssafe

    It was RAPE PURE AND SIPLE!!!! He held a gun to her head and forced her to comply!!!!

  • Ejswife

    Lighten up Gertrude, they were only quoting the actor and some of us do care. that is why we clicked on it to read. If you are offended, then leave!

  • Libby


    I dont know i you and Amy missed the topic in the FLCE Q & A session. THe topic of sl’s that were dropped or ignored on the show. All o the cast members had aspects of stories that disappeared from the canvas as producers, writers change. Alison Sweeney – there are certainly aspects of stories that they wish had not happened — it had just complicated future sl’s — and she said to the audience we all know which story we are talking about…
    i took that as a reference to the Dec 2006 incident in the car with EJ and Sami. All of the cast emphasized that Days is a show with movement behind the scenes with writers and producers etc. There are plenty of stories that they themselves might not agree with — but in act it is a show — and everyone must move on.

    I thought it was handled well in that setting. There are a number of cast members who may have said an off color word or two in a one on one setting with a fan. But the cast was very professional and caring about the show and the things the fans were interested in. That most certainly applies to James Scott, Alison Sweeney, Mark Hapka, Arianna Zucker, Lindsay Hartley and Eric Marsolf at the Sat FLCE event.
    Several of the cast were interested in whether we had read Ken Corday’s book — for example. Just like me _– when I answered I considered how I answered. Personally, I like certain aspects of the book and mentioned parts that may have applied to the respective actors. But I did not have time or want to go into detail about my own opinion that some of its content reflected a revisionist attitude or second thoughts after certain events had taken place.
    I have loved Days since I was a little girl and have watched since the 70’s. I am 44 now. In the type of events like in LA, everything moves at a fast clip. It is easy for someone to read more into a comment than really needs to be. Please dont be offended if an off color word gets thrown out in a recap. That language may have been used in a one-on-one setting and not used or heard in many other fans experiences.
    Love Amy and Jabie so much. Really liked getting to know both of them — but I would hate for a fan to be turned off by an off color word or two — and take it to heart — possibly keeping them from attending a similar Days event or enjoying the characters portrayed on the show. It was all great in LA.

  • CJ

    You really think Sami would have stayed in that car without his gun holding her there? He even called her a hostage.

    Did you even look at the scene before you proclaimed no threats were involved? He wouldn’t even let her out the car!

    I get your James Scott love knows no bound, but this is such a disrespect to any Days fans. To act like it wasn’t rape. That Sami’s character wasn’t tortured by it. Its like raping her character again.

    And before I hear how its just a show… tell that to Alice Horton fans.

    Those fans who cried when they learned of her death. Who felt like she was a part of their family. Who are mourning the loss of not just the actor, but the character.

    Tell them its just a show.

    But I guess I missed the funny part. At least you had a nice chuckle over the “f” word. I’m sure this just makes James seem so “human.”

  • Gail

    The thing that I find so ridiculous about bringing this issue up again is THE WRITERS are responsible for the original episode where this took place. It is my understanding that the two actors involved weren’t told until the day of taping how the scene was going to play out – they were given no choice in how to play it.

    But….. THE WRITERS resolved this issue in an episode right before Sami and EJ made love in May of 2008. Sami and EJ discussed what happened, it was made clear to anyone who wanted to know that what took place between the two of them wasn’t necessarily as it might have appeared. They resolved the issue and agreed that it would never be brought up again.

    Frankly, all of you who are still hung up on this scene, need to vent your anger to the writers. Don’t blame the actor who had to play the part as written!

    I can see why James would be tired of having this brought up over and over, after 4 years, when he had absolutely nothing to do with writing the script and only acted what they gave him.

    As for the F word, it’s not the first time he’s used it. Apparently, it was in a one-on-one discussion with you, so it’s of no concern to me.

  • CJ

    I guess you people forget that REAL soap fans remember history. Soap fans debate history. And when history is rewritten or overlooked, soap fans get pissed off.

    I’m so tired of fake fans telling Days fans that we should get over it!

    If Alan Harris walked into Salem, would fans forget what he did to Sami?

    If Larry Welch suddenly appeared, would people forget what he did to Bo and Hope?

    If John and Marlena came back to Salem, would we expect them to play chess with Stephano and joke about the old times?

    Stop patronizing fans!

    I don’t care what James Scott is tired of hearing about. I’m sure Alison Sweeney would love to stop hearing about what Sami did to Austin and Carrie but she deals with it. Heck, Patrick Muldoon says SBTB fans still yell at him for breaking up Zach and Kelly.

    Its part of the job James. Stop telling fans what to do. You work for our amusement. He needs to accept it or find a new line of work. Because, frankly, he’s run out of usefulness.

  • jen


  • Rebecca

    James forgets that rape victims watch soaps . His insensitive comments, both here and in previous interviews, turn people off, which is why the ratings are tanking.

    Newsflash for all that want to sweep this under the rug. True Days fans honor history. We don’t forget what was written, what we saw on our screens. We love or hate the show for what is shown, not for what people wish to forget or dream about. It was no incident, it was rape and it happened and no amount of rewriting is going to make the viewers forget.

    And before attacking the blogger for James’ gutter mouth, shame on James for not giving a more professional interview.

  • Gertrude

    Oh, and it was rape, and Ejami’s need to realize that their relationship started off as rape. He raped her, plain and simple which makes Ejami a disgusting couple and everyone that loves Ejami is disgusting for rooting for this couple. If it wasn’t rape, why did all the characters on the show say it was rape? All the damn characters considered it rape and now the stupid writers pretend like it never happened. If they are going to pair up Ejami than they should at least knowledge that they rape happened and not sweep it under the rug because that really pisses me off. A rapist shouldn’t be paired with his victim, end of story. Sami and Ej are just wrong and it EJ makes Sami look week because what kind of person would go back to her rapist. The old Sami would have never done that. These writers are destroying Sami and they destroyed Lumi by making this lousy ass pairing.

  • Jill

    Well-said James !
    This rape/non-rape issue has to stop !..Are we always speak about Luke Spencer (iconic character from GH) about his rape of his soulmate Laura ?!
    And NO guys he did not hold a gun on her head when he made this so called ultimatum and more appropriately propositional; he did hold a gun before when he wanted her to help him escape and it was not on her head at all ! Rewatch this infamous scene you are so delighted to always speak about and to always deform the facts seen on-screen !!
    It stays a huge HUGE huge mistake (their biggest mistake ever actually) made by the writers regime at this time. Some people can’t move on too bad for them, lot’s of other people have moved on as the show himself and of course the actors who had to play this scene but did not decide of it !!

  • Gertrude

    I agree with CJ, the true Days fans never forget the history and it can’t just be rewritten like the writers are trying to do now. Now they act like the rape never happened but this is worse than anything. They are making it appear like it wasn’t a big deal or like it never happened. The writers need to just break this couple up and end this crap. And Jabie and Amy are so biased towards Ejami and James Scott so what do you people expect.

  • Jill

    And James can tell what he wants for pete’s sake !
    Even it it piss off fans who can’t separate reality from soap fantasy storylines !
    I use the term “fuck” all the time ! What is the big deal ?! And suck it haters, holier-than-thou hypocritical people/fans who condemn Ej’s actions but are totally ok with Lucas crimes against Sami ! Pathetic, ridiculous people ! Yeah i said it because it was needed to say once for all.
    p.s : and for the record i was totally ok for a Lucas/Sami pairing but i am not inconsistent and hypocritical so i am totally ok with a Ej/Sami pairing !

  • CJ

    I think Sami becoming Stan and drugging John was a huge mistake on the writers behalf. So what?

    My feelings doesn’t change a thing. Does not change the history of the show. It still stands. That’s how it works.

    If James and his fans don’t like that, then too bad. Let him disappear instead of trying to destroy this show’s history. Let him move on to another show instead of trying to tell Days fans what to do.

    This man is biggest crybaby in the world. Ari Z. is still questioned about what happened between Eric/Nicole/Lucas and What happened with Victor and Nicole but I’m sure her reply isn’t: “Hey! Get over it! It was in the past!”

    We are not talking about GH. And if you think Sami and EJ rises to the level of Luke and Laura then you are too far gone to talk about anything rationally.

    I’ve watched the scene. Sami was filled with fear and the thought of retribution which comes with coercion. That makes it rape.

    Maybe JS fans would accept this and stop spinning it as a love scene gone wrong, if JS wasn’t so condescending to those who watch this show and pay his bills.

    DayTalk should be ashamed of themselves if they think this interview makes him more human. To me, it makes him less than.

  • joan

    True days fans know the difference between a show and real life and don’t call an actor a rapist as i have read on fan sites. I don’t really give credence to morons who try and force their personal opinions on others. Gertrude you have already proven yourself on this forum but i guess you will now get a run for your money from CJ. You can call what happened rape and even turn off the show and its fine with me as I will enjoy the best chemistry i have ever witnessed on Dool. Spare me your indignation as your rude behavior toward Amy and jabe is far worse than anything I see on the show Please grow up as your rants aren’t informative or even fun to read. Hate Ejami all you want but I could care less that they offend you..personally it pleases me to know end

  • Gertrude

    Jill, Lucas never raped Sami and they were actually a true supercouple before the rapist came to town. EJ sucks and that character is so boring and i don’t know what people like about him. He needs to be written out and they need to bring Lucas back.

  • Brenda

    I totally agree. I’m so sick of hearing people say he “raped” Sami. No, he didn’t. Blackmailed her for sex, yeah probably, but rape? Not at all. To me for something to be considered rape the victim has to say no and try to leave, not say, “Ok I accept your terms, I’ll willingly have sex with you so you will help my boyfriend”. Just my thoughts 😛

  • Jennifer

    I’m really sorry that what I’m about to say is not in any way related to the topic. I have a theory about Gertrude. I think “Gertrude” is really a middle aged man with his hand in his shorts while he portrays a grumpy old woman for the likes of us. Am I alone in seeing right through this exhausted internet charade?

  • Jenna

    If you are not happy about this blog Gertrude GO FREAKING AWAY !
    Oh yeah decent people and fans understand the show history but they also understand that these stories don’t have to be taken so seriously : Bill and Laura are a couple whereas he raped her (and this time it was a real rape !), Maggie and Victor seem really chummy now whereas he tried to kill her daughter and lot’s of her friends and family, Stefano and Kate are a couple whereas he treated her like garbage (raped her maybe back in the day), pimped her, tried to kill two of her sons and blackmailed her into marriage, Nicole and Brady are chummy whereas she tried to get rid of his lover Chloe and now Chloe and Nicole are BFF, Chloe and Phil are chummy whereas she accused him of rape and he became a real psycho/stalker toward her at the end of their relationship ect…! If they don’t do that they should get rid of all the characters who did some bad deeds..and without them there would not be stories !!
    And i understand your love and attachment for a character like Alice Horton; but she is not your grand-mother, she is a character, the creation of some writers.
    You did not know Frances Reid; she was an amazing lady but totally different from her character and she could said “Fuck” ! lol

  • CJ

    I see why some are JS fans. They are as condescending as the actor. If mules could breed, they’d breed more mules.

    Is DaysTalk an EJami fansite? Because if it is, I will walk away. But last time I checked, this was supposed to be for general fans. Not butt kissers.

    Just because Amy and James like JS does not mean this is a JS support only site.

    But maybe he’s right: Since we ignorant fans need to him to remind us that this is just a show:

    He needs to tell those fans, crying their eyes out that Alice Horton died, that she is just a character. If you’re going to cry, cry for actress that actually passed away. But remember, that you didn’t know her. Whatever connection you felt with her because of the show wasn’t anything… because ITS JUST A SHOW!

    Oh, and tell Kish fans, not to be angry. ITS JUST A SHOW!

    Thanks James. Good thing we remember that.


  • April

    Wow. I have no words…..

  • CJ

    I am just a visitor here, but if I wanted to become a regular, I wouldn’t. It looks like this blog has its own drama.

    I find it quite surprising that any commenter would tell another commenter that they need to go away. Who gave you the power or the right? I may be new, but you look like you’re in the same position as Gertrude.

    Talk about mob mentality at it highest. That’s sad for what’s supposedly a GA fan blog.

  • Sherry

    I understand why James Scott wants this to go away!!! It was rape pure and simple!!! Not many rapists want to discuss their crimes…I have a HUGE problem with just “letting it go” and “it’s in the past”…Yes, Ej and Sami discussed it and decided to move past it for the sake of their kids but even Sami told Ej how scarred she was by it…Rape victims never come out of these things unscathed and to just forget about it is wrong….Days writers drop a lot of s/l’s…It’s a fact…But this is one that should not be dropped…It makes the whole Ejami pairing totally disgusting!!!!! For James Scott to joke about it is unforgivable..I agree that it is just a show but the history of the show comes into play here and marks Ej’s character as the totally dispicable and depraved man he is…Those of us who have watched the show from the 70’s know this show and it’s history…We keep up with it…Too bad the writers don’t…It was not a love scene gone wrong..As one poster said, you can see the terror and disgust on Sami’s face after she was raped…She was not given a choice regardless of what James Scott and his followers say…It was rape pure and simple!!! It is a slap in the face to longtime Days viewers and those who have been victims of rape…Sami has done a lot of disgusting things as well and that’s why I sometimes have a problem with her but at least she calls it what it is and doesn’t try to sugarcoat it!!!! Shame on James Scott!!! He just lost a lot of brownie points with me..Not that he had a lot to begin with….If James doesn’t appreciate fans and their questions and comments..well…maybe it’s time he finds another job!!!

  • Jenna

    CJ for the record other actors tell “Get over it” for lot’s of their storylines all the time ! But in JS case he did not say that and he is regularly attacked by some irrational, crazy fans who can’t separate the character from his performer.
    And stop the over-dramatization : he is as human as you (maybe more lol)! To even speak in these terms is so ridiculous and pathetic; i pity you sincerely.
    And if Jill want to compare Ej and Sami to Luke and Laura (who by the way really raped her !!) she has all the rights to do it ! Who you think you are ?! Eyeroll.

  • Courtney

    I think it was rape, however, the show has moved on. Why is everyone fighting about it? It won’t change what happened. JS was a little immature in the interview, but he is an actor and in no way did he write the script for that scene. Sami felt like she didn’t have a choice, she loved Lucas that much. I agree, I feel it was a writers’ mistake, but I moved on and still watch the show and don’t put down other fans. If you like Ejami, coolbeans. Personally, I loved Lucas and then Rafe. But, it’s a show and I’m not a writer, so whatever happens will…happen :)

  • Brenda

    I just looked it up in my dictionary and the definition of rape is “the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force to have sexual intercourse.” So based on my Webster’s dictionary, which I admit is about a decade old, Ej didn’t rape her. He coerced her into sex, not used physical force.

    Further, there have been other couples with more outward rape and no one whined and complained. For example Jack raped Kayla and now no one talks about it at all. I wouldn’t even know if I hadn’t gotten the 30th anniversary book because I was just a kid and didn’t watch back then. Additionally, Bill raped Laura and they were a couple, no one is worried about that.

    It’s just a story line in a show, with no real importance other than to the fans and viewers. It’s like many scenes where they make mistakes or omissions and a true fan just spots it, laughs, maybe makes a comment or two for lighthearted discussion with others and then moves on. Personally I think if people are that offended over the content they should stop watching. That way us fans who want to watch the show and enjoy the odd and ever-changing story lines can do so in peace.

  • Jenna

    CJ people tell Gertrude to go away because all her posts are rude and tacky and above all she attacks regularly the creators of this blog !

  • Gertrude

    Jenna, i never attacked the creators of this blog, I am just sick and tired of the Ej obsession with everyone in this blog.

  • Sarah

    I’m with James. Who fucking cares about any of this crap? It’s a freaking television show. There’s no point in discussing it or even arguing about the issue or even getting mad you posted here about it. It’s ridiculous, overrated, and stupid. It’s stupid people are still debating it. It’s stupid people are still reporting it. It’s stupid people are getting pissed off you’re reporting. Get a LIFE. Worry about the OIL SPILL!!!!! So annoying!!

  • Samantha

    Are you serious?

    If it wasn’t Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) we were talking about i would have said OK whatever i don’t care or i don’t care who the writers want to get RAPED on DOOL.


    We are talking about Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady)

    I am one of Sami’s / Ali’s BIGGEST fan and since Alan brutally raped Sami, holding her down and raping her I was happy when Sami got justice from what he did to her. DOOL should have never put Sami in that position again and then to make her fall in love with the guy who RAPED her. Because of this s/l I stop watching DOOL for a little while until the middle of 07 then I came back to DOOL.
    Did you guys watch the scene in December 2006? Sami was crying while EJ was raping her…it was not love making, he raped her period.

    Days of Our Lives called it RAPE, the writers wrote it as RAPE, Sami called it RAPE and EJ admitted he RAPED Sami when Sami and Lucas was on their honeymoon. All in all, its rape and DOOL continue to put Sami with the guy who raped her and they continue to make this very said guy hurt Sami over and over. When I told my mom that Sami who is also her favorite character that they are pairing Sami with the guy who raped her, my mom said that is poor handling of the situation and bad judgment on the part of the show.

    For all of us who watched Sami from the beginning to now we know and we saw what the rape from Alan did to her so to see the EJ did the same to Sami and everyone is saying it’s ok well it’s not and it will never be ok.

  • CJ

    Here’s a funny thing. I can debate about the oil spill and Days Of Our Lives. I didn’t know I had to chose one or the other.

    James Scott is a man who doesn’t want fans asking about the same thing over and over again.

    I say to James: Get over it! The fans are the boss here. Not you. Part of the job is dealing with fans asking the same questions over and over again. You get paid a lot partly because you have to deal nicely with the fans.

    Suck it up!

  • alicia

    Please JS was not immature at all ! He said if he have had a say about this scene; it would have been played differently with a Sami who would have made the offer with a ” I’ll fuck you if you save Lucas..I mean I’ll have sex with you ” ! It seems some posters don’t know how to read.
    Gertrude you really want to start again this never-ending debate : Lucas framed Sami for murder and poisoned her ! It is not better than Ej’s crimes !
    You like it or not it is what it is !!

  • joan

    CJ this is not a Ejami blog and their are many respectful people on this site who don’t like ejami but are intelligent and respectful and don’t claim that they are the only true Dool fans and others who have different opinions are not. CJ you come into a site and start to attack people who don’t agree with you and are rude to the tenth degree and you expect to be welcomed. James scott is a class act and its a fact that a certain fan site hates him with a passion and has called him a rapist and wants him fired from the show..truly sick and dangerous people and i suspect you are from that site. we don’t let people spew hatred here without giving it right back to the offender. Jabe and Amy are not deserving of being attacked for having an opinion. Jabe has always seemed like an Ajanna fan to me but who cares..we like who we like. Take your James Scott is a rapist attitude and put it where the sun don’t shine or you will be attacked here and not just by me.

  • Veronica

    I love the character of Sami Brady, actually it is my favorite character on this show and i watched the show when Alan raped her (it was really a rape !) and I LOVE EJAMI ! So Samantha don’t speak for everybody, you have your taste, your opinion respect that others think differently THANK YOU !

  • KateN

    Hmmm…. this is a very touchy subject. Yikes! I didn’t realize so many people felt so strongly about EJ. I personally have been an on again off again Days fan since the story where Sami raped Austin. I think it was about 15 years ago, and I’ve gone through periods where I would tune in and if things were good I’d watch if not then I really didn’t waste my time. (Especially during the Salem stalker SL. I thought Days had lost it for good! That was the worst SL in the history of Days!!) Then a year or two later I tuned in during the Sami/EJ love story and I was hooked again! I haven’t been able to stop watching in 2 years because of this couple! Their story is so captivating like Romeo and Juliet or in this case Brady and Dimera. It is a love story like no other on Days and I think a lot of other people have fallen in love with them also. I REALLY WISH THE RAPE HAD NEVER HAPPENED ALSO, because look what it has done to this couple! Look at the possibilites they have over any other couple to be a “Super Couple”, but there will always be this roadblock in getting them together and that is very sad, especially for Ejami fans :( I’m sorry for those who don’t agree with me, but there are plenty of those out there who do, and I think that is why this topic has been so hot for so long is it seems like a battle on who has the loudest opinion on who Sami will end up with wins 😛 I feel like they did work things out the night they slept together in 2008 when Sami told him she understood and had felt the same way about Austin once, and it seems like the show HAS TRIED TO MOVE PAST it, but some fans are not letting it happen. Too bad… they really could be amazing together.

  • CJ

    You don’t need to welcome me. But this is not your open house so you can’t pull the mat away.

    I’m more irritated by the audacity of James Scott to believe he can tell fans that since he doesn’t want to talk about it, its not fair game.

    Well, good thing his wishes are not coins, because they’d be worthless. As fans, we don’t have to follow his wishes or his lead. He follows ours. Or if he wants to continue to patronize fans then I hope his resume is up to date.

    The entire wording of this “article” waters down what happened. But the pure arrogance of a guy who hasn’t been on DOOL long enough to be considered a mini-vet sickens me.

  • Jenna

    Oh yes you attacked them and more than once, at least assume your pitiful behaviour Gertrude !

  • huh

    there are many many many different forms of RAPE … Alan’s was one, EJ’s was another holding a gun and telling her she had no choice … … either are classified as RAPE.

  • Karen M.

    Good Lord, this scene was years ago…and it’s a t.v. show, I can’t believe it elicits such emotion to this day.
    I never miss an episode, but the EJ/Sami rape episode is about the only one I’ve missed in 5 years (my parents were babysitting and goofed up the Tivo). Oh well….

  • olivia

    CJ your hatred of James Scott just make you pitiful and obsessed, you can continue if you want, if that makes you feel better. But know one thing: JS doesn’t care and lots of people and viewers don’t care also !

  • CJ

    What he’s saying should have happened ruins even more Sami Brady’s character! Let’s make Sami a crude mouth whore why don’t you? All so James Scott doesn’t have to answer a question.


  • jay

    Hey CJ IT IS JUST A SHOW ! Suck it hein ?!
    It was so easy, lol ! Ah and sucj it up yourself !!

  • Gertrude

    You Ejami’s just think that EJ is the star of the show and he isn’t. The show is supposed to revolve around the Hortons and not a rapist. I just can’t stand the newbie fans that think that EJ is the star of they show. You people have no idea who were the true people that made this show what it was and shame on the writers for making Ejami the main characters. This show suck now because of that.

  • CJ

    I’m obsessed now? Really?! More than JS fans? Really?! LOL!

    When has this guy ever said anything about or to fans that wasn’t insulting or condescending? I’ve never seen another actor who just craps on fans constantly. He’s worse than Ken Corday. At least Corday is the boss!

  • Rebecca Tynan

    I can’t believe some of the hate I see when reading the more extreme posts, it’s not necessary. The thing that hasn’t been mentioned by anyone is that Sami herself raped Austin. People can condem EJ all they like and debate whether it was rape, but what Sami did to Austin was rape, no debate necessary as she gave him a rape drug then forced herself on him when it was clear he wanted Carrie. So for all those extreme haters out there shouldn’t you then believe that EJ and Sami deserve each other? I truly believe that such people just use rape to fan their own shipper wars which is disgusting, if you were truly against such storyline why is it I never see any condemnation for characters like Sami, Bill, Jack and Luke from GH. One above poster seemed to even imply that Luke/Laura were epic (as such ignoring the rape) while in the next breath condeming EJ for his actions. Clearly these people aren’t advocates of rape victims, like some like to claim, but choose what they want to use in their petty shipper wars.

  • Sarah

    Put yourself in James’ shoes as a human being. Who wants to talk about the SAME TOPICS and COUPLES over and over again? It’s annoying. People should just move on from talking about it. The above article should be dated 2006. Why bring up old crap? And why even discuss it? How can people talk about the same thing for four years? Who cares?

    Anyways, I think that even debating about why DaysTalk people discuss this issue is ridiculous. Fans are too obsessed with couples and storylines. They make it their life. Why???? So what James had an opinion? That’s great, but he’s one actor in a pool of many, and this article to me is saying he wish people would just fuck off, stop discussing the same, dried out topics (maybe because people aren’t intelligent enough to bring up new ones) and move on from the topic. It was in 2006 you all. Get a life!

    If you think it’s rape or not, get a LIFE. And Daystalk, I think your blog bashes James negatively and you should be ashamed of yourselves. The actor was nice enough to talk to you and offer his opinion. At least he did that. Can’t you write about a more current James storyline? Ask him about his current storyline. That’s what all FANS what to hear about, and the few stuck in 2006, should go see a shrink. Emotional attachment to an unrealistic tv shows is not rational.

  • CJ

    Attack me all you want. What did I say about this mob mentality? That’s basically the sign of a fanbase with no legs to stand on.

    Futile attacks does not change the fact that James Scott is an arrogant mule of a man, who constantly condescends to fans. I’m sure, he even looks down on his own fans.

    But his fans are probably too busy kissing his butt to notice.

  • Sarah

    Here we go, another Ejami vs. Safe debate…barf….

  • Katie Shepherd

    It wasn’t rape. To be rape he would have had to physically restrained her or threatened here with her with a weapon
    and not have given her an option.

    CJ and Gertrude, you both need lessons in manners.
    If you don’t like the way the people who own this blog are running it then by all means no one is forcing you to click the address for this site.

    Jeeze, some of you people are really obsessed.
    If you can’t separate actors from the material written for them then you need to get a life.

  • Sarah

    I tell Kish fans not to be angry it is just a freaking show !! I tell and tell and tell again ! LMAO

  • Sarah

    Actually CJ, you have probably never met him, so shut the fuck up. I have and so have many of his fans. Don’t judge people you’ve never met. I may not agree with his comments or opinions, but he is very nice to his fans and to charity organizations, and from my eyes at events, puts up with a lot of people’s insane crap. It’s annoying. I’m surprised he still goes to events with the crappy questions reporters ask, the stupid subjects they bring up, and the obsessive hater fans who are rude or too much. Why don’t you go look in the mirror?

  • Gertrude

    People, there is a difference between the Jack rape. The difference is that they never paired Jack with Kayla after the rape and Bill and Laura were a legendary couple and can’t be compared to Ejami in any way and Bill was drunk when he raped Laura and he loved her.

  • CJ

    You need to learn to separate you love of the man’s acting from the man itself. I love Whitney Houston’s old songs, but i don’t mistake that she’s a diva.

    Honestly, I’m not trying to debate rape or not. I know it was.

    I’m commenting on the man’s words to fans. To his senseless, tacky joke. And his continued attitude that degrades this show and the fans that love it.

  • Julie

    Rebecca : great post. That’s all i have to say.

  • Lou

    Gertrude : Ej loved Sami, he made an indecent proposal under his father’s influence and Ejami is a legendary couple.
    Too bad hein ?

  • CJ

    I judge a man by his words and his attitude. And they say a lot. And every interview he gives, his arrogance pours through.

    And this interview brings pure disgust.

  • Gertrude

    Lou, you can’t compare Ejami to Bill and Laura, you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. Probably just a newbie that doesn’t know any history of Days.

  • Kara

    CJ all of your posts confirm that you are obsessed with the actor JS and what he has to say. You life (you know the REAL LIFE !) must be very sad…

  • Christy

    wow. Just because one aspect of our otherwise great job annoys us, I didn’t know that meant we should quit it. And as for James Scott being called immature, well as far as I can see, so are a lot of you. Last I checked we still have free speech. Oh. And if Sami was so hurt by “rape” why’d she rape Austin? Sami’s a rapist, EJ’s a “rapist”. May they live happily ever after!

  • Lou

    Gertrude : you don’t know me so stop ASAP your more than dumb speculations about me and what i could think.
    I will not try to justify myself because you are not worthy of it.

  • mags

    Im with James here, and have to say Safe fans and Lumi fans are fucking crazy, and need to leave the guy alone. This happened 4yrs ago!! Im sure all these people that are so offended about him saying FUCK are old grannys that still have a 60s mentality where to say a bad word was considered taboo. To those that say that they cant distinguish between a show and reality and felt Alice was their grandma, well, news flash if you go on youtube and find old days bloobers, gran says….guess? FUCK!
    If I would have to make an assumption of the people hating on James..Im guessing 60 and older prudish grandmas.
    Oh and another thing Sami is a rapist herself. Two people that rape, cheat, manipulate, scheme, lie should be together. Dont you think?

  • Michelle

    “Am I the only one who heard James Scott (plays EJ) skillfully deliever the line in an incredibly menacing tone “If you tell the cops you saw me, you will wish you were dead. If I get arrested, I will tell them that you helped me escape, and we’ve been sleeping together for months. And when Lucas comes to hear that you and I have known each other…” while pointing a gun?

    That seems pretty cut and dry to me. From Sami’s perspective, she doesn’t have the option of telling the truth – She wanted to tell Roman and couldn’t because of EJ’s threats.”

    ~ Alison Sweeney, January 2, 2007

    CJ, your posts are completely accurate and on target. I co-sign every one of them!

    James’ cult … I love it when opportunities spring up for you all to continue to show your true colors. You all and James have a special gift for shooting yourselves in the foot.

  • Karen M.

    So many silly people….

  • huh

    @Lou – how can Sami & EJ be a legendary couple … they have never even been a couple… there is not one ounce of history between them….

  • Alicia E

    My husband sometimes tells this cute story about how one of his friends when he was little ran to the top of a small hill (dirt mound might be more accurate) and yelled at the top of his lungs, ” you gotta f@#k a lady to have a baby!,” -the bleeping is for the benefit of Gertrude or anyone else who prefers not to hear this word because personally I have no problem with it whatsoever- and that’s the f@#ing truth. As far as the “rape” seen we all just saw, it was a very light shade of gray and maybe part of what’s got everyone upset is that it was also kinda hot. Sick, yes but also kinda hot. Sorry, someone had to say it! Soaps are make believe and full of crazy a&* sh%t! Let’s all please try to deal!

  • huh

    @Rebecca – Sami may have indeed raped Austin – but she never held a gun to him or threaten his life….

  • Mack

    Wow. New fan here. This is horrible and makes me not want to get involved in getting to know the show, the fans, or those writing about it. I came to Days attracted by the EJ/Sami story – when I read all of this it gives me a headache. Seriously. Seems like the article is rather baiting – and stirring the pot for the whole EJ/Sami rape debate instead of furthering the discussion of the story – can EJ be redeemed, does he truly love Sami, does she love him, etc. If I’m sick of it, I can only imagine the actors themselves just want to live their lives, have fun with the show, laugh about it (it is only a SOAP!).

    I think I enjoyed the show more when I didn’t come on-line to read/discuss it.

  • Alicia E

    The purpose of including my husband’s childhood story was to show that words can be used in different contexts and be very different as far as how they are taken. That may be overly obvious but I didn’t want to be unclear.

  • huh

    one last comment – DAYS May be *just* a TV Show – but RAPE is a serious topic. DAYTIME used to be a medium that helped bring such topics to the forefront and help people deal with them .. Rape, Sexuality, eating disorders…etc. So for someone to say JUST A SHOW … really think about this, we don’t know if this didn’t happen to one of the fans of DAYS or another show or someone that doesn’t want DAYTIME at all. Rape can happen in so many forms .. weapons or not.

  • Lara

    huh you are not forced to watch these shows.
    And no in the past they did not deal with some serious topics like rape and murder in a serious way. Soaps use most of the time these issues as plot points; i understand some people don’t like it (personally i think it is a disservice to do it) but they can always stop watching.
    Sometimes they write it in a responsible and serious way but it is rare.

  • Lara

    huh Sami did worse : she drugged him whereas Ej gave her a choice, a twisted choice but a choice and he did not hold a gun at this time it was before, rewatch the scene it is on the blog !! lol

  • huh

    They very much so dealt with Rape in ways … Sami’s was very brutal back in 1994, and showed what a 16 yr old would do in that case …

  • Molly

    Let’s be honest…Ejami fans go WAY TOO FAR. They are obbsessive on Twitter, defending James as if they KNOW him. WTF? Some of them are way beyond rational lines.

    They do their own event in LA, and then crash another event, after spending 9 hours with James and Ali, and took time away from other fans once again. It’s like James’ is a prize and they will do anything to be around him. You should how nuts they are on twitter today defending him over this blog. It’s messed up. They go way too far. It’s crazy. Some people saying Safe and Lumi fans are crazy, well, take a look at the fanboard with Ejamis.

    They even had the balls to say rude comments about Daystalk who took the time to promote their event. They will do anything to be around James, hurt anyone, cross any boundaries. That is what is so scary. It’s creepy as Hell, especially having their own event. Let James see other fans. It just creeps me out. I’m sure James finds it creepy too.

  • Lara

    Yeah this time it was deal in a rather serious way (he walked away though because of Carrie testimony) and he tried to rape once again, also Carrie this time and finally she shot him ah and the act was really a rape, the guy was a psycho who had an autel devoted to Carrie..really really creepy ah and he was not under his father’s orders ! Big difference !

  • Lucie

    Molly i don’t have twitter, i don’t know these fans you are talking about but do you know them to make such strong critics like that ?! If you don’t like them or find them crazy why do you check their twitters ?!
    Leave them alone and live your life ! I am sure James Scott is glad to have people who love/like or above all are interested by his work and his character. Anyway i don’t think he takes all these things so seriously as you do, i am even pretty sure he is even not aware of all these internet crazy debates (and certainly he doesn’t care) so i don’t think he finds them creepy or more creepy than the fans who insult him because of his character’s actions !

  • HAS

    wow, given the sensitive nature of discussions around that scene, I’m surprised he would be that crude about it. Way to rile up the peeps, James.

    And on another note – did he just get off the farm and go to the event? He couldn’t dress just a little better for a fan charity event? I think all the other actors took at least some time to look nice for it. I’m a little surprised he would show up in that clothing. Is he unhappy about something lately?

  • rachel

    omg all of you sick people this is tv show what the hell?
    james is normal man ej is not rael and yes get over it do you think ga care? no he heve life rael woreld todd from oltl rape twice! so whay he is actor luke rafe so what this is cercter this is fantasy! and if you heve problem wite thet dont watch! tv hes rafe fantasy hes rafe so what this is not rael woreld and if you ar rape victim in rael life there ar grup thet help wite thet but you need must see the difrence between rael to fantasy!

  • rachel

    omg all of you sick people this is tv show what the hell?
    james is normal man ej is not rael and yes get over it do you think ga care? no he heve life rael woreld todd from oltl rape twice! so whay he is actor luke rape so what this is cercter this is fantasy! and if you heve problem wite thet dont watch! tv hes rape fantasy hes rape so what this is not rael woreld and if you ar rape victim in rael life there ar grup thet help wite thet but you need must see the difrence between rael to fantasy!

  • melissa

    Jack raped Kayla and everyone forgot about that when he and Jennifer fell in love and lived happily ever after!!!

  • Gertrude

    Melissa, there is a difference. The writers never tried to pair Jack and Kayla after the rape and now they are pairing Sami with her rapist which is sick.

  • Millie

    Gertrude go away or I may drop the F bomb on you.

    The ‘tat’ thing with JS is not a secret. I think he and Pam Anderson have the same tatoo.
    I personally do not like tats. I grew up in a time and place when they were viewed as seedy. Although I do know family and friends that have them. My husband thinks they are especially icky.

  • Lucie

    It is sick to pairing a rapist with anybody like it is sick to pairing an attempted murderer with his victim ! (In real life !!)

  • Madie

    No one who has ever been raped forgets they’ve been raped. JS comments were insensitive to rape victims and crude as well.
    DaysTalk is an EJami fanbase so they are willing to overlook the rape and JS comments. Kind of sad, which is why I usually do not check in on DaysTalk anymore. But needed to comment about this post.
    How could anyone condone a rapemance? Even the NBC #s were going down these past few months when the EJami story was put forefront again. And yet the numbers went up when there was no EJami.

  • Regina

    So it’s kind of funny how all the “Sami fans” don’t care about James basically saying that if he had his way with a re-write he would turn Sami into a virtual slut. Nice…James should just shut up already, realistically why didn’t he suggest something different involving HIS character instead? Like being castrated by Sami? In the end, James has said it was rape, Ali said it was rape, producers, directors, magazines and writers have said it was rape….the ONLY reason it keeps coming up is because Days has decided never to speak about it again, as if it hadn’t existed or been written and that is simply irresponsible storytelling. Maybe Days should finally figure out what to do with this sick pairing, and frankly the actor portraying EJ is as sick as EJ is.

  • Rachel

    I am so sick of hearing people bash James Scott. He is great person, who is friendly, humble and so very talented. These bitter ass people make me SO sick! He is an actor who read these lines that were given to him to read because that is HIS JOB!!! He is not a real rapist and he has never raped anyone in real life. The reason why he made those comments is because the writers of this show were FREAKIN STUPID enough to call this idiotic scene “rape.” He made an offer and she accepted it. PERIOD! He did not ever ONCE force her to have sex with him and he never held a gun to her head while they were having sex either like some bitter ass LUMI up there said. SHE agreed to have sex with him. She could have said no and found another way to save Lucas but she DIDN’T. She agreed to have sex with him!!! He wasn’t violent and he wasn’t mean and SAMI herself even admitted that later on. I have been watching this show since as long as I can remember so don’t anyone dare try to tell me that I’m not a true fan!! I still remember scenes back from when I was seven and eight years old so don’t anyone try to tell me what makes a “true fan” and what doesn’t. Every character on this show has done horrible things and I just think it’s hilarious how some are forgiven and some aren’t, according to what these hypocrites think and who their favorites are! AND just for the record…..Sami and Austin was ridiculous. Sami and Brandon even more so. Sami and Lucas was a joke. Sami and Rafe are BORRRRINNGGG! The ONLY ONE Sami sizzles with is EJ. And all you dried up prunes know it!!!!! That’s your problem if you refuse to admit it. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the show! And for all the nutcases out there who can’t tell fiction from reality stop bashing James Scott! He doesn’t write the show or his character so take your negative comments and SHOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Jan

    My state’s law defines rape as sexual intercourse “where force or violence is used or threatened, accompanied by apparent power of execution to the victim or to another person”.

    So, violence doesn’t have to be physical, it can be implied. Letting Lucas die is an implied threat. And there was a gun pointed at her prior to them making it through the roadblock. And he had the gun again in the cabin. It’s safe to say that there is an implied threat of violence with that gun, even if he didn’t point it at her while he was “propositioning” her. He even called her “a hostage”. So, that also implies that she was being forcibly held in that car, not with his hands, but with the threat of the gun and whatever actions he would take if she tried to escape.

    Dictionary.com defines rape as: the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

    I think “have sex with me or Lucas will die” constitutes duress. The man she loved would die because she was the only one who knew he was in danger.

    So, yeah, it was rape. My take is Sami forgave him. EJ and Sami discussed it and came to terms with it. Let’s move on.

  • Teresa

    I am seriously sick of this debate. I’m sure the writers wish they had never written this scene as it has become the focal point of the EJ/Sami relationship. They tried to erase it when, during EJ and Sami’s conversation before the love scene where Sydney was conceived, the incident was discussed. EJ apologized for the rape and Sami said he didn’t have to because they both knew it wasn’t like that, and they agreed to drop it. I believe in essence the writers were telling the fans…we made a mistake and would like to make it go away.

    It always amazes me what fans can and do overlook or forget, and things they don’t. Marlena was possessed by the devil and now it’s never even mentioned on the show, John’s memory was erased and placed on a CD (hahaha!! one of my favorites!!), Phillip lost his leg fighting in Iraq but it seems to have grown back AND he had surgery to completely replace his face making him even better looking with no scars. Nicole put flesh eating bacteria on Chloe’s face but now they’re BFF’s because the writers wanted them to be friends now, so they “erased” that old s/l and everyone accepted it because it’s just a show. And let’s not forget the age progression that even allows EJ to be old enough to be in a relationship with Sami. Everyone accepts that because it’s all part of the fantasy of soaps.

    And by the way Gertrude, fuck is in the dictionary…look it up. I use it myself, because sometimes nothing else quite conveys the same meaning.

  • Lola

    Didn’t you hear James the first time? He doesn’t give a ‘fuck’.

    1.So fuck off Lumi fans, Bryan is not coming back. JS is not going anywhere, and stop using the rape card as a reason to get him fired. Get over it. You’re just jealous because JS is a bigger star and kicked Bryan out. Losers.

    2.Fuck off Safe fans and stop trying to be Safe fans when you really are closet Bryan fans and you’ll use the rape card because you just want James fired.

    3.Fuck off Ejami fans because you claim you respect James but then you spew off over this argument about the rape debate. You say you don’t care, so why are you all on here bitching about it?

    Ejami, Safe, and Lumi fans are all to blame. Your stupid catty fanbase crap and opinions are annoying.

    And also, so what EJ raped Sami?

    You go on and on about the rape debate.

    Until a guy has raped you, you have no idea what you are talking about, so shut the fuck up.

    I’m sure rape victims want this stupid topic thrown in their face all the time. Pathetic.

    Every poster here is just adding to the drama of the debate and I agree with the above poster.

    Every fanbase is obsessed James Scott, because I secretly think Lumi and Safe fans really love James and think he’s hot. They won’t admit because they are at war with the Safe’s and Lumi’s.

    Stop using the rape debate as an excuse. All fanbases draw negatively to Galen, Bryan, and James.

    Ejami fans are rude to Galen on messageboard calling him starfish.

    Safe fans call James a rapist.

    Lumi fans concoct stories at events to make James get fired.

    You’re all whiny brats.

    Suck it up. Get a life and stop blaming James because Galen and Bryan aren’t the breadwinners of Days.

    All fanbases and all posters who post here are pathetic.

  • dasha

    Haha James!!
    poor Sami))

  • HAS

    well, there are some classy posts. Looks likes perhaps James represented his peeps well. :/

  • Madie

    Amen HAS.
    Lola … I think your comments are pathetic (JMHO) and I’m sure I’ll get bashed for my feelings … I have before and I can take it. Rape is a crime, whether reported or not to the police the victim lives with it the rest of their life. JS just needs to realize that and not say “f*** off”. It (to me anyway) trivalizes rape. And DaysTalk is not helping the matter by bringing it front and center again … it’s almost like they want the controversy to continue.Why???

  • joan

    Well I hope everyone is happy now. You don’t have to be told that James Scott has a right to be sick of these abusive women. Seriously you people should get back on your meds. I guess this blog has attracted new people but quantitiy in this case is not quality and I’m not going to listen to the rants of seriously sick people. Having met James and watched some of these women in action i would have put them in their place. he was more than gracious in the face of boorish people. Every actor eventually says enough is enough and I am pleased he blew you off. People who are classy will defend him for being the terrific actor that he is. That’s all I expect from him yet he goes out of his way to make his fans feel special. Obviously people who are abusive shoul dbe ignored as they are not fans but creeps.

  • Pandabear

    hey did he mention the asshole EJ had a gun. Did he mention the Dickhead EJ was holding a gun on Sami. Did he mention the fucker threaten to take Sami with him as a hostage and then blackmailer to prevent her from pressing charger. Well at least she could have said no, let Lucas die and let Wil hate her forever and raised the daughter she had become pregnant with all alone. And as rape victim I like to knee the guys in the balls and be done with it, you did a horrific scene be a man and admit to it. This isn’t something the fans are going to forget now or forever

  • rachel

    yes ! i agree wite thet why you bring this up agein why? we move on like it or not! so what the need to bring thet to center agein?
    Madie you need to ralize this is not rael life becuse in the end all of you will be like gretud thet sick women
    and hes ejami fans hes class not like safe fans who call names it laset we admitted for good rason thet rafe is boring! we do not cam to safe site becuse he hes boring but a lot of your freinds cam to ejami site pretend they love them who is a sick fans here?

  • rachel

    lola graet post! you nail thet!so days tallk now you get thet ejami ot fellew and will not respond agein and you stey wite safe and lumi good luck

  • cinnamon

    for one I have been raped.
    So for you to say what you just said Lola and saying that SAFE fans are really lumi fans. Think again.
    I never stood by when Sami rapped Austin. Never wanted that pairing. A rapist and Victim should be paired together.
    Ej rapped Sami I don’t care how the Ejami’s put a spin on it.
    Plain and Simple Rapist and Victim don’t belong together.
    I have never bashed James. Your talking about bashing actors.What do you think you just did Lola by saying that Galen and Bryan are not the bread winners of Days. Where do you get off.
    I am tired of all the Actors being bashed it is sicking.
    If you have never been rapped before don’t open your mouth plain and simple.
    I have never liked the pairing of Ej and Sami from the Day Ej came to Salem. Since he was there to make Sami’s life a living hell from Day one. He has done exactly that. He hasn’t let her be happy with anyone. He has done nothing but lie and manipulate Sami from Day one.
    To begin with SAFE fans don’t call James a rapist. They call Ej a rapist big difference.
    If I want to voice my opion about it being a rape I can.
    Since it has happen to me. I’m not afraid to say it either.
    I am not even going to into the diffenition of rape. I know what it is and so do other woman that have been through it.

  • Teresa

    Lola good post, am sick of all of it. fans just mad cause Lucas is gone, have met all three of the guys in question several times, James and Bryan very nice and respectful. Galen is very stuck on himself and quite rude. Every person is different.

  • Judi

    Good gosh Gertrude! Do you ever like anybody or anything? Lucas was no angel. Remember him and Kate using that dummy of Will to try to drive her nuts? That was pretty sick and twisted so what the heck is so great about Lucas? The EJ character is interesting, the accent is nice and he’s a handsome guy. People get raped all the time in soaps and romance novels and end up together later. Ever read one of those books with Fabio on the cover? It’s not real life!

  • Stacey

    You know what pisses me off the most about the rape storyline? How seriously people have taken it.

    I am a TRUE days fan, I have been around forever (Although I missed the first 20 some years due to not being born yet, so forgive me for not having insight into the very beginning) and I have watched this show dismiss SEVERAL storylines, but for some reason this is the one that people cannot let go, and it’s the one that people seem to blur the lines between fantasy and reality on.

    I get that rape is a serious topic, but this is a TV show. Having Sami end up with EJ is not a slap into the face of rape victims… In fact unless you are a rape victim yourself, then you have no idea how a person who has been raped feels about this storyline.

    As for what James said. He was telling a fan his opinions on a overtalked issue, and had no idea it was going to be posted for all to see. I’m sure if he had known it would end up on this blog he would’ve worded his statement a little differently.

    Now as for all of the people bashing JS directly – Do you have any idea how pathetic it is to bash someone you don’t know?

  • Jennifer

    Why I hated this story isn’t because of the whole was this rape or a deal, it is because there are alot of stupid holes. First Sami flags down a car to help Lucas. In the car is Ej. Ej makes Sami get him threw a road block. They have sex and then save Lucas. So did they go back threw that road block to get Lucas and wouldn’t Ej need Sami to get him back threw that same road block? If Lucas was passed the road block wouldn’t she have seen the cops and the road block befor she ran into Ej? Holes my friend big holes! Why does everyone over look these holes but still want to bring up the rape story? Thats why I hated this story line. That story was just stupid but so were other stories. I’m sure like meny days fans I go with what works and try to over look stupid stories. You have to its a soap.

    Cj the reason why we tell Gertrude to go away is because she has told us meny times she was leaving but she never left.

    Oh and Gertrude fuck you. Go fuck yourself. You fucking fuckface fucker. I know its childish but I only say it in hopes that Gertrude goes away.

  • Sandy

    I think the real issue here is why do Jabie and Amy continually bring this up? Really, Jabie, you will tread lightly? There is no treading lightly with this topic and you know it. It’s like discussing abortion or religion. It’s polarizing so most likely nothing that anyone says will sway another’s opinions. It seems to me that DaysTalk enjoys the unrest and intensely hateful and extremely personal posts that this topic brings to the surface. I would love for Jabie or Amy to address this but I seriously doubt that will happen.

    Stay Classy Days Talk. Stay Classy…

  • Bobbi

    No matter the storyline, James Scott and any other soap opera actor have to understand the nature of the genre and its fans. Soaps are specifically created to encourage the viewer to invest in the characters and storylines. If James doesn’t want to be asked about this or any other event in EJ’s storyline, he’s in the wrong niche of this business for him. Perhaps he’d be happier in a genre where he can play a different character in each project and walk away from them when the piece is done. But, as long as DOOL is putting food on his table and clothes on his back, he is going to be discussing EJ and the things he has and hasn’t done. Deal with it!

  • Millie

    Yes, Yep and Yup. I don’t care what EJ does. He’s my favorite character on the show. I’ve always been a sucker for the anti-hero. If you don’t like EJ, or the new fans (which I am not), please don’t read these posts. Turn the station, don’t visit Days boards or better yet don’t leave your homes. Because you are people that can’t deal with others not agreeing with your opininion. I’m quite sure you are the type that preach your politics, religion and/or non-religion on to others. Unfortunately I know people like you. People that don’t agree with you drive you quite crazy because you are right about every God damned thing. You don’t like EJ fine, but out of simple politeness and common courtesy, you don’t have to constantly antagonize people that do. As I’ve said in previous posts I do not like some characters on the show and some storylines, but I don’t feel the need to constantly post about it. That’s why I don’t post on every blog. See…easy. But there are some nuts like Gertrude that can’t seperate reality from fantasy. She can’t seperate JS from the character of EJ. She doesn’t want to hear what JS has to say about his character. As far as she’s concerned he raped Ali and that’s it. That is crazy. I have read things about JS and in my opinion he’s a little out there and not really my cup of tea. See how easy that is to do Gertrude?

  • Mary Kelly

    OMG!!! Are we in kindergarten???? People this is TV! i Love Days, and at times get impatient with the SL, but my word, I can’t believe the way these adults{?} are acting!!

  • Gazza

    Rape is rape its all the same

    Gertrude saying that Ejami rape is the worst is really stupid
    And no im not a ejami fan

  • Vicky

    This section is supposed to be with regards to the interview, not a war zone between the fans.

    I find this interview quite repulsive! SHAME on you, James Scott for your insensitivity! You are just like your character! I HATE EJ with passion!

    That’ all I have to say!

  • Felicia

    And once again, James Scott proves what an asshole he is. If he’s tired of playing a rapist, he should quit rather than try to rewrite history and tell the audience what to think and what to remember.

    Rape is rape. Rape is not romance. Rape should never be swept aside as unimportant.

  • Kiren

    ….Wow…..He’s not playing a rapist, genius that was 3 and a half years ago.

    Bobbi, this is something that Safe/Lumi fans have probably asked him at every event over the past 3 years. No one should blame him for getting frustrated. He’s only human.

    Nobody truly cares anymore, they just bring it up because its the only big thing they can say to keep EJami apart. And the website mods bring it up to generate more traffic and comments.

    And really, you’re posting this now?Again? I’m done with this shit, You two are just looking for more attention in the only way you know how.

  • joan

    Well all I know is that if i wanted to read hateful people who do not have a grasp on reality I would visit THEIR FANSITE . This type of hatred is why the NBC board is a relatively dead place now. I like to discuss the show with nice people but the board is now flooded with the exact same people who tried to get James Scott fired. It backfired and I believe they contributed to Bryan being let go . James is a class act but luckily his family told him not to suffer fools and he doesn’t. Neither do I and its sad that this once fun place is now a bastion of hatred and actor bashing. Funny how Galen could say the things he said about Dick Clark on twitter and it was so fine. I lost all respect for that man becasue of the way he talked about others. James Scott is always praising his co stars and their work but he dies draw the line at giving a platform to woman with a clear agenda to get him fired. We all know who these women are and have seen how they treat Ali when she doesn’t tell the producers what they think she should do. This is a show and you are just a person who watches the show. The actors owe you their best ability onscreen . They don’t need to sit and be bashed by women who are fixated on them . /i don’t blame this on religious nuts either as those of us who are true christian acting people do not act this rudely to actors. They have feelings and they don’t write the show.

  • Paul

    Please shut up haters your just jealous that he is the most popular guy on the show i don’t see BD or GG in the emmy lists and that because they are not good enough to lick James boots. I don’t blame him for telling people to give it a rest i come 4 years on and people are still going on about it even Alison said the writers dealt with him along time ago. I hate you guys who bash James everyone on the set loves him including Alison even GG says he is a cool guy so leave the man alone.

  • joan

    Paul unfortunately when people are convinced of their own importance and think they or their fan group are more important than others watching the show, they get spurned when the actor doesn’t give them the attention they think they deserve. James has done so many things for his fans that probably alot of people here don’t know about . He is not a hollywood lover which is fine by me as I feel exactly the same way he does about that. He is not just a pretty face . He cares about being a better actor period. I have only been to one fan event as they are not my thing frankly but James went out of his way to make me feel special as did alot of the other actors. I hate Nicole on screen but Ari Zucker is a wonderful funny person…..she is not a baby thief or a murderer….its a show.

    Word to the wise Jabe..you can not tread lightly with people on a ,mission..its like throwing a finger at Jeffrey Dammer and expecting him to not want the whole body. These woman should be ignored and if they cross the line at events..they should be banned

  • Paul

    I like the guy and Ejami and i am male Days fan to me Safe and Lumi were boring i am a fan of JS because he can act love his scenes with Nicole on Friday if these haters drive him away from Days the show will suffer believe me no one wants to watch boring Rafe or dull Lucas i have never seen a character talked as much as EJ over the last 4 years since he been on the show it would dull if James left Days everyone has a opinion about EJ love or hate him. He is a good guy and the fans love him even GG said it he was great actor and cool guy AS and AZ both love him plus all the rest of the cast adore James as well i hear Nadia(Chole) is great mates with him and also Jay(Philip) is one of his best friends.

    My fear is James will leave the show soon because of these horrible spiteful jealous fans who are trying get him out just because BD is no longer with the show they all want to blame JS for his firing when the truth Lucas is a boring character who has no appeal and can’t be compared to EJ and the Safe want him gone because as long JS is on the show Ejami can happen at anytime despite couple being the rooting one at the moment.

  • Paul

    Joan i am glad James made you feel special all the fans i have met only say good things about him. The only negative comments i hear are from Lumi and Safe fans not saying all of them because they blame him for Lumi being gone from the show i don’t know if the safe and Lumi are the same fan base their names are very similar they all make me sick.

    Do you think James wanted to do those scenes in Dec 2006?

    He is a actor and had to do what he was told and now he been called a rapist by the Ejami haters they love throwing that in his face i hear one fan called Vicky saying James is just like EJ what a disgusting comment he was asked a question about the rape and he gave a answer answer and he said it in the English way so what if he used the F word.

  • Jessica

    I love James Scott he is a wonderful actor, and we need to remember that it is a T.V show. And these actors are human. I love days of our lives can’t get enough of it.

  • Karen M.

    Mack has a point…lets all play nice in the sandbox!
    I still enjoy watching the recaps and reading the commentary…although, I still think people need to keep it to a short paragraph, not a short story 😉

  • SAFErocks

    EJ raped her and is a total scumbag. Anyone who preys on someone in their weakest time, LOSER!

  • Millie

    Wow this has to be a record response to a post. And some idiots wonder why Days seems to now revolve around EJ? Get a clue people. Good or bad EJ is here to stay.

  • Millie

    This is from Ken C- “Yes, that is what I was referring to. I truly believe the viewers want Sami and Rafe together. You know, Sami can be her own worst enemy and this time she’s not doing it in a vindictive way. She’s just being pulled in by this not so nice guy [EJ]. That will come to a conclusion sometime right after Labor Day. I think viewers will be very happy to see Sami being the strong Sami, who is taking things into her own hands. I wish I could tell you the plot points, but I can’t! I can say you can expect a lot of surprises and viewers will get what they want, which is Sami and Rafe back together again.”
    Are you happy now EJami haters? I will not be back viewing on Monday. I am officially done with show. I hope it doesn’t go off the air, but I will no longer be a viewer. It was nice getting to know all of you. -Millie

  • Gertrude

    Millie, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. A true Days fan would never quit watching the show just because a non important couple like Ejami don’t stay together. The only thing that would stop me from watching is if an actually legendary couple like Bope broke up and lets not forget that the show is supposed to revolve around the Hortons and not this stupid Ejami crap. I will stop watching the show when it becomes the Ejami show. It seems like the writers lost track of who the show was supposed to be about. “Like sands thought the hour glass, so are the days of our lives,” this phrase doesn’t even make sense anymore because MC is talking about the Hortons and not these other lousy minor characters. What we need is the Hortons back or atleast Bo and Hope should be placed front and center.

  • Michael Jenkins


  • lauren

    Here we go again with this freaking overtalked event who happened 4 years ago !
    Can we talk about what Lucas did to Sami or what Sami did to Lucas ? Can we talk about what Ej did to Nicole : you know like being controlling, quite abusive and violent during their “happy” marriage, threatened her with death several times; grabbed her throat; manhandled her almost choked her multiple times, hit her head and put her in a coma (yeah via Anna !), testified against her in order to let her rot in jail for a long long time ah and also being in love with another woman whereas he was with her..or what Nicole did to Ej : you know like faking a pregnancy during at least 6 months in order to keep him, stealing a baby he had with another woman and passing off as their baby, let him believe he had lost a daughter, let him mourn this dead baby during at least 5 months, let him believe that the other baby (you know his REAL baby) wasn’t his and escape with this baby; kidnap once again this baby and call him to taunt him and tell him he will never see the baby again ah and finally being in cahoots with the guy who makes the huggings and let Ej almost die (thankfully for Ej Sami was here and saved his life !).
    Can we talk about what Nicole did to Brady ? Can we talk about what Ej did to Arianna : yeah like totally manipulated her from the get-go; playing on her sympathies, accusing her of his daughter’s kidnapping whereas it was him ! Lie to her and using her as a drug worker behind her back, let the guy who tried to kill her go away whereas the girl didn’t do anything to him ! Can we talk about what Victor did to Maggie ? Cand we talk about what Stefano did to Kate ? Can we talk about what Bill did to Laura ? Can we talk about what Phil did to Chloe or what Chloe did to Phil ? Can we talk about what Melanie did to Phil ? ect…
    If i take some poster’s logic who can’t separate fantasy from reality : Ejole, Lumi,Bricole, Skate, Magtor (lol this name) even Ejari are disgusting pairings !! Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting !!! But it is a tv show where none of this is real like this rape/non rape act !

  • lauren

    Ah and i almost forget Ej also let Nicole and everyone believe that the last kidnapping of Sydney from dangerous strangers was her fault whereas he was the mastermind behind it and also let her believe Sydney was dead whereas she was already miserable in jail ! What a dreamy pairing !! lol

  • Gertrude

    Rapists shouldn’t be paired with their victims, end of story. Now lets move on.

  • Laura

    Attempted murderers, baby thiefs, abusive guys should not be paired with their victims either, end of story.
    Now let’s move on.

  • Carole

    Sad Day when Fans can’t seperate the actor from the character. For all you James Scott haters. EARTH TO YOU James Scott is not REALLY EJ DiMera. James is talking about his character so give it a rest! I say this in all sincerity if you are bashing the actor because of a role he plays and about the comments he makes about this character then you need to step away from the TV and step away from message boards because you aren’t dealing in reality yourselves.

  • Paul

    Ejami will win out in the end i wouldn’t be surprised if there not a twist at the end of all this who to say KC is not having you on about Safe reuniting i will laugh if he said all this and Ejami were the couple in the end. Unless James leaves the show ejami will always have their connection they have kids together and we all know Sami will forgive EJ in the end eventually because she was the one that started all this crap when she told him all those lies about Grace. Ejami fans don’t tune out and let the haters win support our couple i think the writers know JS is a much bigger star than GG he is their only Emmy norminated actor that shows he is No1 and EJ has loads more fans than Rafe don’t worry our couple will win out in the end.

  • Gertrude

    Paul, first of all, i am a Lumi fan and I only root for Safe because i much prefer Sami to be paired with Rafe over EJ. Any Sami pairing is a whole lot better than Ejami.

  • Paul

    Not to me Safe are a boring couple just like Lumi were i am guy and even i see what a great couple Ejami are JS and AS are magic together on the screen i am not worried they will see off Safe in the end i don’t care care what KC says storylines can change in a second and even if Safe does get back together i bet you Sami will be in love with EJ by the time the truth comes out.

    Gertrude i don’t why you are so rude to the people that love Ejami everyone has a right to like who ever they want this is a tv show not real life you may hate Ejami but there the fans that love this couple i don’t why you can’t respect other peoples opinions.

  • becky

    i can understand him being tired of talking about it, whats done is done. i don’t think james takes the show that seriously, i don’t think he even watches tv. the whole rape issue never really bothered me. its a crazy soap, besides no one is forcing me to watch it.

  • Victoria

    Lumi fans and Safe fans don’t have to be EJ/James haters it is sad to see fans like these take it to that hateful level. It is crazy! It is only a fictional soap opera. If you can’t view it as such perhaps you shouldn’t watch soaps.

  • Gertrude

    All i know is that BD was fired and it was all JS’s fault because he broke up Lumi. Now we have one less Horton on the show thanks to JS or EJ or whatever.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude BD wasn’t fired because of JS if anything GG got him fired because Rafe is the new Lucas. When JS come on as Ej, BD got more air time because of the whole Lumi/Ejami trangel. You are a stupid person to think an actor can fire another actor. Actor have no say on who stays or goes.

  • Victoria

    Jennifer is exactly correct BD not only got more airtime but he was actually in the “A” storyline when he was on screen with James. GG came in and BD is gone! GG is who replaced BD not James!

  • Gertrude

    No, you guys are wrong and i am right. JS replaced BD so please stop trying to argue with me.

  • Victoria

    Gertrude stop and think when was BD let go? Before or After GG came in as Sami’s new love interest? He was let go AFTER. Your argument is baseless!

  • joan

    Bryan was let go because he is not leading man material anymore. He can’t realistically be paired with Sami anymore and he flopped with Chloe. He doesn’t generate buzz on the show. His fans are much more obsessed with james Scott and talk about him 24/7 so he simply became a character they didn’t know what to do with. Bryan is a nice guy and he could have been written for but its a harsh business and I guess TPTB didn’t like to write for him. James had nothing to do with his firing except perhaps to show a huge difference in leading man material available to Sami.

  • Laura

    Personally i would have prefered a Lucas/Sami/Ej triangle but with a Lucas schemer and with an edge not the always angry, self-righteous, holier-than-thou mess he was these last years. But seriously BD can be charming, has some talents in comedic timing and has some really good chemistry with AS (when he doesn’t try to be sexy and makes all these loudy kissing like a fish things, the guy doesn’t know how to kiss lol) whereas GG is so wooden; it is painful to watch. So my perfect scenario would be to get rid of GG and bring back BD but only if his character is better written. And to involve a Brady, a Dimera and a Horton together is so much more interesting than with a new guy from a family which everybody don’t care at all and has no depth !! No comparison actually ! These writers are some freaking morons, it is not even funny !!

  • HAS

    Typing , “Oh and Gertrude fuck you. Go fuck yourself. You fucking fuckface fucker.” isn’t taking it too seriously. mkay.

    There is one way to win an argument. I guess. :/

  • Jennifer

    Has I know its silly and stupid. I said it was childish. I just said it because she was all upset about Jabie using the word fuck.
    For her think James is the reason Bryan got fired is just as stupid. The differents between her and I is that I know when something is stupid and she does not.

  • HAS

    Hi jennifer.

    I think many of the comments are are things people should be embarassed to have written, and should hope that it never ever gets attached to them in real life. :)

  • Lola

    I go back to my original post. Every fanbase is obsessed with EJ and James Scott. They all have an opinion about him. Just admit it, you are all closet JS fans and you really just love him. HA!

    Also, I agree with an above poster. JS has gone ABOVE and BEYOND for a certain group of fans. My question is, why does he have to keep showering them with attention? Why do they need his attention so much? So creepy!

  • Carol

    I love BD and I am so upset he is gone. BD’s best work was with James and in the EJ/Sami/Lucas triangle. BD really did shine during that storyline and he was on the screen so much more than he ever was doing that time period. BD seemed happy too. I was so happy when they moved on from the boring, redundant Austin/Carrie crap. It was too bad they decided to try him with Chloe that storyline never worked for me and came out of the blue.

    There is no doubt in my mind based on the timing that BD’s departure had everything to do with GG arriving on scene and basically Rafe taking Lucas’ place. Plus they had to pay for CC and what better way but to let a high paying Vet like Bryan go.

    I think anyone thinking BD is gone because of JS is just James hate because there is no evidence to suggest such a thing.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude you are so right James Scott has the power to fire anyone. He’s the one that fired Coco from the tonight show. He writes the whole show, no wait the whole net work. He control it all. Why didn’t I see it befor? He’s the reason for the oil spill. He’s the reason the cost of gas is high. My god he’s an evil master mind. He must be stopped. Why oh why did I think you were crazy? Oh wait maybe its because you are stupid.

  • Olivia

    Tacky, James, tacky. You need to quit listening to the adulation from the 56 and actually spend some time watching your show. If you listen to only those who buy and spin whatever they want to believe, you risk not knowing what is really going on. You want to keep paying that mortgage, or recouping your losses on the gold, then watch the damn show.

  • Laura

    Olivia James really doesn’t care girl ! lol

  • HAS

    the adulation from the 56! holllleeee…drink spewage! That’s hilarious.


    sorry 56.

  • Madie

    Rachel … regarding your #96 comment …Hugh?
    I realize that this is a soap and not real life; however, I still think JS comments were out of line because it’s a “rape issue” real life or soap … it exists.

  • http://qallie-fresh.blogspot.com/ Helga/Q

    …for what it is worth, I am sure no offense was meant by his language- across the pond the f-bomb is a standard adjective


  • Kay

    I hate hearing about the rape and being reminded of it (aka Johnny). But it happened and those of us repulsed by it still have to watching the victim be paired with him and its killing my favorite show. Even more so I hate how James can’t even admit it when he’s called it Rape before. What’s the difference now, an Emmy nomination for leading man?
    I think James needs to take his own advice. Its just a show and you’re just an actor who is an admitted rapist! Get over it!!!

  • Carol

    Kay did you just call James and admitted rapist? Well there you go folks. Prime example of a fan who can’t seperate fiction from reality! Earth to Kay IT IS ONLY A TV SHOW – JAMES IS AN ACTOR! Word of wisdom TURN OFF THE TV!

  • Carol

    DAYSTALK – Shame on you for bringing up this subject. It brings out the James haters and those who can not seperate fiction from reality.

  • Kay

    No Carol. I did not call James an admitted rapist. Its things like this that spread lies. I meant EJ is an admitted rapist. You know I didn’t blame JS for the rape S/L. I blame the writers for not having the balls to handle the issue correctly. The point is they tried to appease fans that don’t want EJ to be a rapist so they sweapt it under the rug and continue to attempt to pair them romantically. Its sick. The writers should have had Sami “take care of busines” but they didn’t. And now Yay we get another summer of having to watch smut. The writers should be a little smarter, while some will never give up wanting EJ and Sami they aren’t ratings gold. Santeen was a bomb and 2008 almost got the show cancelled. James played a rapist and he can’t change it so accept it I guess. Its his job.

  • Ctopp

    Why the need to bring this up Jabie? Like James said…it’s a tv show. Why would you think James wants to rehash a crappy writing decision over and over and over…he doesn’t write the show…he is an ACTOR! Think about it from his point of view. I would get a little pissy too. I used to like your vids, but stirring up all this shit, has turned me off for good. Just think of how much fun you can have with the rest of the EJami haters…oh the joy! peace out!

  • Kay

    Oh and Carol I can seperate reality from fiction and its why I don’t understand how those who like EJ can use that arguement. Not all but a lot of you get your panties in a wad when anything bad is sad about the Character of EJ. All bent out of shape because someone thinks he’s look greasy, or doesn’t like men in pink. You guys take anything negative said about him WAAAy to seriously and this is exactly why the issue can never be resolved. It was called rape numerous times and if some viewers want to still mention it, so what. IT’S A FREAKIN SHOW!

  • Carol

    Kay – most of us understand Daytime drama that it is a continous storyline with a lot of twist and turns. Many of us understand it is Fiction and that characters change and stories change and we don’t get stuck on one scene in one episode. There are alot of characters that have layers and that aren’t just boring black or white. Sami, Jack, Kate, Tony, Stefano, Steve, Lucas, Chelsea, Melanie, Billie, Nicole have all done terrrible things many have been redeemed. To hate on EJ and not to understand that James is an actor suggest to me that there is a bias in play here or the fact that some fans can’t seperate reality from fiction.

  • Carol

    And Kay the show has moved on, the characters have moved on the last time it was even mentioned was May 2008. I think it was put to rest when Sami made love to EJ!

  • Kay

    Than I guess I would have been satisfied if James had said I don’t like talking about the rape and maybe something like I wish they never wrote it in or whitewashed it and had EJ be punished for it and maybe viewers who don’t like how it was written would be satisfied. But he didn’t he insults people instead.

  • Carol

    Kay perhaps you should direct your ire to the writers who wrote this scene not James. He did not write this scene. Why are you blaming him. Why should James have to comment time after time after time about a stupid written scene! BY THE WAY – the writers who wrote this scene WERE FIRED!. So you should be happy! And three writing teams after have written for this character and have written Sami to be in EJ’s orbit. Why because EJ and Sami are great characters. James and Ali are outstanding actors and Ejami’s story is not over NOT by a long shot.

  • Rebecca

    The show may have moved on, the characters may have moved on but the viewers haven’t The rape upset a lot of people and whitewashing it has not only destroyed Sami’s character, but angered the viewers even more, hence the ratings-in-the-toilet scenarios we now see. As long as Sami is paired with her rapist, the sound you hear every Thursday will be the flusing of said toilet.

    As much as Ejami fans might want the situation to be done with, it’s not going to be. It will keep coming up over and over and over because it happened, it was rape and it’s never been dealt with on the show. Writers might forget, viewers don’t, and in the ratings game, we are the ones who count. Clearly there aren’t enough Ejami fans to counter the ones who have tuned out in disgust.

  • truthgiver

    Gertrude I see you found a new place to spread the joy that only you can bring. So how many boards have you been banned from? Also Lucas raped Sami when they created Will. Sami was 16 and Lucas was in his 20’s. It’s called statutory rape and Sami even threatened to press charges against Lucas.

    It’s really sad that people cannot look past the character to see the difference between the actions of the character and the actor.

    Anyone who watches DOOL and sat thru horrible storylines likes Marlene’s possession, the Sami as Stan and Phillip’s face transplant are true fans of DOOL hell even if you tune in once a week and you enjoy watching the show this makes you a true fan of the show. NO fan of the show is disgusting for wanting a couple together. It’s a soap where anything can go and usually does in Soaptown, USA. It is a fictional show, with fictional characters, and in NO WAY does rooting for any particular couple or enjoying a favorite character makes fans disgusting.

    As a survivor of rape the EJ and Sami storyline is a non issue for me. I could give a damn if these two ends up together or not. I do not even consider the incident as rape but that is my opinion and I am entitled to it. I will admit JS & AS have great chemistry and personally they are the only entertaining pair on the show right now. These are my opinions and they are neither right nor wrong.

    The show is what it is. A group of dysfunctional people who live and breathe to hurt, harm and destroy, forgive, care and love one another set in a Midwest town known as Salem and if any of you can truly say you would invite one of these characters over for dinner or become their BFF then maybe you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Marlene Evans.

  • Carol

    Rebecca – what I have seen is lumi fans who have used a very serious issue to pimp their couple. I find it utterly disgusting that there are those who would use this issue to promote their agenda which is to pimp their own couple lumi. It is shamefull and disrespectfull.

  • Victoria

    Not surprising that a post about James is bringing down all these comments. This guy is on FIRE! He is a brilliant actor. Days is so lucky to have him! He gives outstanding performances day in and day out. He deserves that Emmy! He is great in scenes with every actor. Ali, Ari, Lindsey, Eric, Joe, Leann, Lauren, Bryan, Renee, Kristen, Peter, Josh, Suzanne, Peggy, Casey, Molly, Shelly, Jay, John, Dee, Drake the twins that play Sydney and Johnny – he is outstanding with them all. James is the best leading actor to come to daytime in a long long time! HE HAS THE BUZZ!

  • Rebecca

    Funny, Carol, because I can clearly see Ejami fans trying to deflect attention from the issue by blaming Lumi and Safe fans for what comes out of James’ mouths.

    He’s never held accountable for anything he does or says. It’s the blogger’s fault for asking, Lumi fans’ fault for not liking rape, Safe fans for whatever. Lumi fans didn’t utter those words, Safe fans didn’t utter those words, the blogger didn’t utter those words. James did. James has put his foot in his mouth several times in regards to this topic. A simply no comment would have prevented all of this. Instead he opened himself up to this criticisim.

    You don’t like it? Take it up with James, just stop blaming everyone else for James’ actions and words.

  • Rebecca

    And I’m kind of curious. Why do Ejami fans feel the need to attack anyone who does not like their couple? So someone doesn’t like them. So what? Are you that insecure about your couple’s future on the show? If Ejami has so many fans, you should be safe and there is no need to attack, and yet, on board after board, that’s all I see. Chill. Different strokes for different strokes. You like Ejami, watch and bring up the ratings. Others don’t, they can tune out and bring down the ratings. Let tptb figure it out, unless that’s what you’re really worried about.

  • Victoria

    Holy Cats – James is an actor he is commenting about a badly written scene. I won’t fault him for his comments. I won’t fault him for being tired of answering this tired question. The characters and the show have moved on. I remember when GG tweeted those comments about Dick Clark – should he have to answers question about his personal slight towards Dick Clark time and time again? Geez people MOVE ON ALREADY! Get A Life!

  • Victoria

    Ejami fans are chilling it is the Lumi/Safe fans that must be worried that they have to use the issue of rape as a weapon to pimp their pairings. Ejami has done just fine even after they have been thrown under the bus countless times and they still have a huge fan following despite NEVER being written as the rooting couple.

  • Victoria

    I forgot to say I am a EJ fan. I love him with Everyone. Matters not to me. Ejami, Ejole, Ejari, Ejate! Love then all!

  • Michael Jenkins

    The people that bash James obviously are immature, if I were him I would be mad to be discussed over something that happened 4 years ago. It is a television show, some of people are obsessed, get a life outside of Salem but when it comes down to it, no one is changing their mind. suck it up and get off bottles, not everything goes your way. I am sick of the pointless debate, give it a rest.

  • Victoria

    Michael Jenkins you are VERY WISE!

  • Rebecca

    Of course it could be that people do have a life and find the trivialization of rape offensive. I mean, not everyone is willing to whitewash something horrific because they think one of the participants is hot.

    Anyways, you bring in the ratings, Ejami should be fine. You don’t, their not. It’s that simple and given the ratings since Days announced the Ejami push……

  • Victoria

    Rebecca – Days did not announce an Ejami push infact KC just announced just the opposite. So good luck with that. EJami gets thrown under the bus AGAIN. You should be happy they are pimping Safe and Ejami gets a few bones but we all know that will be short lived when they wrote EJ’s part of the Sydnapping. I feel bad for the Ejami fans but I look forward to seeing who they will pair EJ/James up with next. I hope they bring in a very sexy talented beautiful actress to play opposite James. Safe can go to the back burner or out of Salem for all I care they are not interesting enough to be on screen a whole lot.

  • truthgiver

    As a former Lumi fan I would much rather watch the reformed rapist and his victim than Agent Clueless and mini Marlene/Sami…urghhh Safe bores me beyond belief

    I find it funny that people seem to hate JS as much as they do EJ, it makes me wonder if some can tell the difference between reality and fiction

  • Carole

    Ok I was reading post being made about this blog and the comments on this blog and I have to say this discussion can get so stupid sometimes. I just read a post by an obvious James/EJ hater that said James should not win the Emmy because he is a rapist!

    Come on people James Scott is an actor! To post he should not win the Emmy because he was a rapist suggest that there are posters out there that are not dealing with a full deck!

  • Kay

    Carole if your referring to me. You should learn how to read because that’s not what I said and if you STILL don’t get it… Can’t help you there. *rolling eyes*
    Oh and I’m assuming a man did this interview yet he’s won’t call it rape in the interview… But in the title? Go figure.

  • Gertrude

    If the Days writers ever decide to make the show revolve around that rapist and his victim than I will be gone for good. I left during the beginning of the Ejami crap and the ratings sucked that year and they are sucking again because of this Ejami crap.

  • Michael Jenkins

    thanks victoria, I am just sick and tired of the dead horse.

  • Michael Jenkins

    Gertrude get help,your posts are beyond annoying and stupid.

  • Ashley

    Gertrude. no offense, but i dont think anyone would care if you left. all you do is complain about Ejami. WE GET IT, you dont like them. move on

  • Rebecca

    And Michael, yours are beyond rude.

    And Victoria, I beg to differ. Days began previewing and promoting the rapemance back in February. It’s only recently that Kenny’s opened his eyes and decided to keep the writers from driving off the cliff (His words). So I don’t need any luck, just speaking what actually happened.

    Truthgiver, some of us have met the man and been less than impressed. . It’s not a question of not being able to tell the actor from the character, it’s just that both leave a lot to be desired.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude you just make me want Ejami even more. Not only will I see a great couple together but you will leave.
    Its like X mas in summer. Its like have my cake and being able to eat it too. Not don’t kid. You are really going to leave if Ejami gets together? Oh my god its just too good to be real.

  • truthgiver

    Rebecca, I had the pleasure of meeting James also and I found him charming, and funny. He teased me about being a Lumi but seemed appreciative that I was also a fan of his also. His teasing was all in good fun. He knew that I knew he was kidding and we had a great conversation about his character and the evil doings of EJ Dimera.
    I was also in SC when the dreaded Jersey incident happened and I found it funny and great that he was so willing to accommodate his fans…another joke that some blew way out of portion.
    I personally believe that many cannot look past the fact that EJ ended Lumi and they take that out on EJAMI fans and on the actor himself. The writers are who I blame for the death of Lumi. That and the Lumi ship jumpers. So willing to support anyone other than EJami they shot their own foot off. I still hold out hope for Lumi to be the couple in the end if they bring BD back if not EJami it is then.

  • Ellefire

    I am pretty vocal about the fact that it wasn’t rape. During the Sami and EJ car incident, I was grieving the lost of my cousin who lost her five year battle with Leukemia. I don’t know if any of you had to watch someone you love go through something like that, but you would give anything for them not to be in that situation.

    If I had to exchange sex with someone who disgusted me to save my cousin, there would be no hesitation in my voice or fear. Hell, I would be enjoying it knowing that I was helping someone live. I would not even cheapen saving someone’s life by calling it rape. I would do what I have to do without ever thinking of myself as a victim.

  • shelly

    It wasn’t rape! He held the gun on her and called her a hostage when he forced her to get him through the road block. There was no threat and no gun shown when he made the deal for sex. He didn’t rape her, he blackmailed her (still extremely dispicable, but not rape). Check your definitions. It isn’t the fans fault that the show decided to call it rape. Sami is one of the most devious and resourceful characters and could have told EJ where to go and found another way to save Lucas. Not to mention the fact that Sami actually did Rape Austin (check your definitions) and yet she expected him to forgive, love and marry her, which he almost did, so I don’t get why people are so fired up about the shoe being on the other foot. Ejami now have 2 adorable kids together and still have the best chemistry of any daytime couple ever so yeah Ejami fans want to see them together and that doesn’t make us sick or twisted. Jack actually raped Kayla and Lawrence actually raped Jen and they redeemed their characters so why is EJ the only character that can’t be redeemed on this show??? Plus it is only a show & by the way I am a sexual abuse survivor and if it had been rape and real life I would say shoot the SOB. BUt it wasn’t rape and it isn’t real life! And all of you who are so hung up on the rape thing should stop watching Days altogether since they have done so many rape stories where the rapist gets away with it and later is completely redeemed, that would include Sami!!!

  • Michael Jenkins


    I am beyond rude? ha that has got be a joke. I am one of the nicest guys you can meet but I am sick of the double standards. respect is earned, I am rude for stating my opinion? Oh freaking well no more m.r nice guy, some of you guys are so obsessive over a pointless debate and expect me to be cordial to you? When people use double standards and are just mean, but no forget about that,,let us show respect, HA respect is earned. If you think I am rude, you obviously have not reviewed the whole thread because people have been worst. The truth hurts and the truth is NO ONE is changing their mind over something that happened 4 years ago, suck it up, the writers moved on. Heck it would be 2030 ( if days is still on air) and people would still be talking about the rape, give it a rest. Some of you people are so immature that you can`t separate fiction from reality, grow up. I hate Rafe but I love Galen, he has a sense of humor and he seems like a good guy. I do not make threats to him personally like some people have made to James.

    Bottom line is the truth hurts, if it is rude than oh freaking well if you want respect, you gotta show it.

  • Gertrude

    Amy and Jabie, i am truely sorry for the rude comments made by the Ejami’s. They bash on anyone that doesn’t like their lousy couple so i will apologize for them.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude are you sorry for being rude to Amy and Jabie? Are you sorry for what you said about thier kids? Are you sorry for throwing fits and telling them how to run thier blog? Are you sorry for the way you’ve acted to people for not liking your couple? Are you sorry for saying rude things about not only James but about Susan Seaforth Hayes?
    Don’t say your sorry for someone elase when you should really be sorry for yourself.

  • Gertrude

    Jennifer, you are a stupid idiot. When did I say anything about Amy and Jabie’s kid? And I would never say anything about Susan Seaforth Hayes because she is my favorite character on the show and i have watched her since she first debuted on Days and I have watched her over the years and she is my favorite actress so how dare you say that i said rude things about her. Susan Seatforth Hayes is legendary on Days of our lives and I am one of the rare people that can see that. You are truly stupid Jennifer.

  • Mary

    Truth hurts hein Gertrude; your posts are just pathetic, deal with it ! lol

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude you said Susan Seaforth Hayes didn’t go to Frances Reid Memorial because she hated her. That was a flat out lie! And I call that rude and hateful. You also were upset Amy and Jabie posted pictures on thier kid on this blog on the Who Will Be More Angry? Stefano or EJ? post 24 May, 2010. Another thing I call rude and hateful. You are the stupid one. Do you post things without thinking or do you forget things you’ve posted? You whiny and you bitch about how if things don’t go your way you’ll leave but you never leave. My god when are you leaving?

  • Cindy

    People need to leave James Scott alone about this so called rape issue.He is an actor and he was just doing the job that was written for him to do.Look at all the terrible things that was written for alot of other actors to do are you going to jump on them too for just doing their job.I read James Scotts interview and when he said he wish he could re-write the script so that it was Sami offering sex to him in ex-change for helping Lucas I totally agreed and uderstood why he said that.He is TIRED of people down his back blaming him for something he has no control over, if you want to blame someone blame the writer for writing the crap!!Mr. Scott was cast at first to be a villian, too let us not forget.For people that don’t like James Scott because of the character he plays on tv-they need a reality check.If you personally met James Scott and then did not like him you must have you own reasons but please stop hating the actor because you don’t like his character.EJ Dimera is fictional so is Sami Brady.

    Mr.Scott said the F word, OMG geez get over it, leave the man alone I am pretty sure he is tired of the crap.No one is perfect I say the F word too and I am pretty sure alot of other people do also ,Big deal

  • Michael Jenkins

    Cindy I heart you.

    Gertrude, your apologies are worthless, you do not mean it.

  • Gertrude

    Jennifer, I was only going off what Frances Reid said about Susan Seaforth Hayes in an interview. You can see it yourself on youtube and she clearly says that Susan Seaforth Hayes never liked her. It seems like all you people are always ready to attack me. I can’t say anything without being attacked.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude No. You were saying that she didn’t go because she hated her and thats something you do not know. We are not attacking you. We are calling you out on your bullshit.
    And where’s the sorry for things you said to Amy and Jabie? I think if your handing out apologies you should start by being sorry for things you’ve done!

    Here I’ll help.

    I’m sorry Amy and Jabie that Gertrude has tried to tell you what to post and thinks you shouldn’t have your own thoughts and ideas. I’m sorry Gertrude has told everyone time and time again she’s going to leave but never does.

    I’m sorry your too stupid to see the real reason BD got fired is because GG took his job. If you were a true Lumi fan then you wouldn’t have jumped ship and became a Safe fan. I’ve met some true Lumi fans and they are the ones that hate Safe and find the pair boring. Your not a true Lumi fan or even a Safe fan. Your just an Ejami hater. Thats why I have no respect for you.

  • Gertrude

    Jennifer, I am the biggest Lumi fan there is and the only reason i switched to Safe is because Lumi is over now since BD is gone and I have to root for someone and it definitely isn’t gonna be for Ejami. Safe is only second best for me and Lumi will always be number one. I never want Sami to be paired with her rapist, End of story, now stop responding to my questions, this thread ends here with this comment, period.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude if you don’t want me to respond to you questions why ask them? Isn’t getting answers the reason for questions? You just don’t like my answers. Truth hurts. Because if you were a true Lumi fan you’d be upset that Safe is on instead of Lumi. Your nothing but a shipjumper. If you were a true Lumi fan you’d have stop watching the show when Lucas left or you’d only talk about other couples like Carbo or Philoe. You’d hate Sami with anyone but Lucas if you were a true Lumi fan. I do respect true Lumi fans. I even respect true Safe fans. I even respect fair weather fans becuase they don’t go around saying they are true fans. You I don’t respect. I don’t respect you because you don’t care about any couple really. You just hate Ej. I don’t respect people who favor couples just because they hate another couple. You are just a hater.
    So do or don’t respond to this, I don’t care. I’ll still think your nothing but a Ej hater anyways and not a true fan of any couple.

  • giftofamber

    Thank you for posting this clip. Having never seen the scene, I took for granted that when people said EJ raped Sami, he really raped Sami. This scene didn’t come across as rape at all, more like blackmail or a teenage boy saying “if you have sex with me, I’ll do this for you” to try to con his girlfriend into sex. Sami had plenty of opportunity to say no or to offer EJ an alternative. She was not drunk or otherwise intoxicated, and she was not physically forced into anything. The gun was not pointed near her, nor was he threatening to hurt her if she did not have sex with him.

    How can people compare this to when Jack raped Kayla? No, I never forgave Jack, despite his remorse, and still want him far away from Jennifer.

    It’s interesting to watch the scene from the sidelines, being neither a Safe or a Ejami fan (I like Samole). It definitely feels like people are trying to use this scene to suit an agenda.

  • Ellefire

    People who think honestly that it was rape and blame James Scott is disgusting for it lost a grip on reality.

    I remember the Jack And Kayla rape scene. Jack physically grabs Kayla by the wrists and violently pushes her to the floor. There is crying and screing involved. Who cares if he’s remorseful, it’s not the same. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in forgiving him for it. It’s a show not reality.

  • Gertrude

    200th comment, EJ is a rapist, end of story.

  • Michael Jenkins

    Gertrude you are pathetic, the story ends by you being a worthless poster.

    Not everyone agrees, the rape debate is old give it a rest and grow the heck up.

  • Jennifer

    giftofamber you sound like my sister. She hated Jack with Jennifer. She hated that the only way to redeem Jack was Jennifer getting raped. I think she even blamed him in a way. I myself loved Jack and Jennifer and thankful they were on in a time when the internet was small and stupid people like Gertrude wasn’t on.
    I’m just woundering (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to) who did you want Jennifer with if not Jack? My sister had a big thing for Frankie and Jennifer thats why I’m asking.

  • Gertrude

    Jack and Jen were a huge supercouple so stop comparing the rapist and the rape victim to them. At least Jack never raped Jennifer.

  • Jennifer

    Shut up Gertrude. I wasn’t talking to you. I can compare any couple I want. My sister may have not like Jack with Jennifer and I may have not Jennifer with Frankie but she knew the different between life and fic unlike you. Ej and Sami are not the first couple to get together under “rape” (even tho I don’t think what Ej did was rape) Hello Bill and Laura. Jennifer’s mom and dad. It happened befor I was born but it happened I looked it up. Bill raped Laura. You know what Gertrude, Bill and Laura are still together.

  • Gertrude

    Get your facts straight Jennifer, Bill and Laura are not together anymore and if they were, i wouldn’t be against it because they were a legendary couple and you can’t compare them to a lousy couple like Ejami. So please stop comparing great couples with this abomination.

  • Gertrude

    and the Bill and Laura rape happened decades ago and people have long forgiven Bill and even Laura forgave him and they had Jennifer to prove that.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude I thought you said rape was rape. I thought you said they should never put a rapiest with thier victim. Well Sami forgave Ej and they had Sidney to prove it just like Laura forgave Bill and they had Jennifer to prove that.

  • Gertrude

    Jennifer, there is a difference. Bill was a beloved character and EJ was just a loser newbie character that came to the show and thinks he could rape a long time fan favorite character. There is a huge difference and Bill loved Laura when he raped her and EJ just raped Sami for a sick game and the only reason Sami forgave EJ was because of the terrible writing and even the birth of Sydney was terrible writing. Bill and Laura were a legendary couple and the writers gave us time to forgive Bill but the writers paired Sami and EJ just months after the rape and that is pathetic. Ejami is just a terrible couple and you can’t compare them to Bill and Laura so please shut up.

  • Madie

    JS is a great actor … he was doing his job at the time; however, his interview was not appropriate. All he needed to say was something to the effect “that happened 4 years ago on the soap and I do not wish to talk about it anymore”. He didn’t say that. Using the “f” word and his other words just offended many real life rape victims. I realize his was a storyline, but if had handled the interview differently, we would not be having this controversy right now and I think the real people behind this controversy are Mr. & Mrs DaysTalk who want to be kept on the frontburner, not matter what any fanbase thinks. This is their “time to be popular”. If we all left DaysTalk, where would that leave them?

  • Michael Jenkins

    Don`t bother reasoning with her Jennifer, she thinks everyone agrees with her, she needs help.

  • hoping

    James is an amazing actor. I don’t watch for who he is in real life but for his ability to act and he is one of the best on Days. All those attacking James need to direct your anger to the writers who have constantly over the years written stories of rapist who are not punished and later redeemed. James supurbly acting a role doesn’t make him evil, it’s the writers you might want to look at. I’m just saying.

  • lily

    I think he was completely tasteless in his response knowing it would be repeated.

  • Jennifer

    Michael Jenkins I can help it. I just find it hard to believe a person like Gertrude is out there. I want to believe reason will get to her. I want to believe when shown something is wrong a person will just go okay your right I’m wrong and learn and grow from it.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude the writer didn’t pair Sami and Ej months after he raped her. I think Ej is a beloved character. He has a fan following. Ej loves Sami. You may think Sami forgiving Ej was bad writing Well I think Ej’s deal with her was bad writing. I pointed out meny holes in that bad writing mess but you don’t show any reason that Sami forgiving Ej is bad writing. Sami forgiving Ej made sence because she’s always wanted forgivness for all her past sins. Sami even said she once loved Ej. I think she still loves him and hopefully soon she’ll tell Ej. I get you don’t like Ej whatever but the rape issuse is over once Sami forgave Ej and made love to him. I never forgave Lucas for druging Sami and sending her over a cilff. I never forgave Lucas for setting Sami up for murder and sending her to death row. I always felt Lucas killed Franko and sat back and let Sami rot in jail for mouths was unforgivable. But I don’t hate BD. I don’t go around calling BD a murder. I don’t say BD should be fired. I like BD I always thought he was funny. I even like to hate Lucas. I didn’t want Lucas to leave the show. I wanted him to go bad after what happened with Chloe. I liked watching Lucas way better than watching no back story boring Rafe. You have no argument. I just wish you’d understand how stupid you sound and see that your wrong. Is reason hard for you to understand?

  • Gertrude

    You are so annoying Jennifer. Please go to your room and argue with your little stuffed animals.

  • Alicia E

    Gertrude, I gotta say that was a pretty good comeback. It made me giggle. But I also gotta say AND THIS IS TO EVERYONE. MYSELF INCLUDED that we all have a choice in how we respond to each other’s posts. If we can forgive the sins of our beloved character’s on Days, and/or the writer’s for what they put us through, then surely we can deal with our fellow fans a little better. People can disagree passionately and it doesn’t mean one side or the other has to be an “idiot.” Anytime I feel like saying something obnoxious from here on out I’m going to imagine Maggie Horton is sitting across the kitchen table from me drinking a cup of tea and I’ll think twice about it. Who’s with me?

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude that comeback is as good as I know you are but what am I.

    Alicia E I don’t like Gertrude because she’s rude and mean and stupid. I can take a good disagreement. Sometimes I am wrong and I say so. But I’m not wrong on this and Gertrude knows it because she doesn’t even answer half my questions. I know rape is touchy. I also know soaps put rapiest together with thier victims. Is that right? I think if it was really wrong then all the soaps would be off the air right now. I think the bad writing in this story is because it was unclear. I really see it as a deal. I feel if they really want to go the rape road they would have wrote Ej putting the gun to Sami head and making her take off her clothes but they didn’t do that. Because they didn’t do that we have this fights about weather it was rape or not. Really it shouldn’t be a issue any more once Sami forgave him and they made love. People like Gertrude are the ones that want to fight. She’s the one who can’t see passed her own nose. I’m sure if Maggie met Gertrude she’d have some chose words with her.

  • Alicia E

    *You make a really good argument and explain yourself well. If this was a court of law you might win your case. But even with all the facts carefully laid out and examined two people can still see the same situation differently. For the record, I agree with you. I’d love to see Sami and E.J. as a couple, but if I didn’t already feel that way you wouldn’t be able to convince me. I see Sami and E.J. as two characters who’ve grown and changed and still have a way to go. I believe Gertrude sees Sami as Marlena’s little girl and E.J. as a basically bad person. He hasn’t been redeemed in her eyes. I also feel that you’re letting Gerty get your goat and vice versa. Maybe Maggie would tell me to but out!

  • Gertrude

    Jennifer, let’s just agree to agree with me and end this argument. You know i’m right so please shut up.

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude I don’t agree to disagree because you contradic yourself. You like Bill and Luara even tho Bill raped Laura but you hate Ej and Sami for the same thing. You say your a lumi fan but your for Rafe when Rafe took Lucas job. You’ve shown me nothing to make me see your right when I’ve shown you lots to prove my point. Everyone see it. I’m not the only one who’s told you these things. So really Gertrude why can’t you see reason?

    Alicia E I really wish this went to court then maybe I could get Gertrude to hold up her deal about leaving once Ej and Sami get together. I’m also sure Maggie would butt in herself. She always was a busy body but in a good way.

  • Alicia E

    Jeez Gertrude, I was totally standing up for you and now you’ve made quite the ass out of me. You are proving their point with your responses. I enjoy talking about the show with you when it’s not about this topic and I’m not hating on anybody but I’m soooo done with this thread. bye

  • Gertrude

    I’m sorry Alicia E but people like Jennifer don’t know when to shut up. Jennifer, i told you already that I am a Lumi fan before anything and I am only rooting for Safe because i would much prefer Sami to be with him than EJ and Lucas isn’t around anymore so i have to root for someone and I will always root for Lumi first.

  • Alicia E

    Gertrude, I can see this is something you’re very passionate about and I respect that. I just hope we can all keep it in check enough for it to still be fun. But, yeah these type of story lines are very intense, so sometimes we’re gonna get a bit riled. Thank you for your response (except perhaps for the “people like Jennifer don’t know when to shut up” part) Sigh. Clearly, I’m no Maggie Horton. Maybe instead of tea, we discuss this over a pint.

  • Gertrude

    Well Alicia E, I think of myself of being more like Sami Brady or Vivian Alamain or Kate Roberts, I am nothing like Maggie Horton and i’m not the type of lady that bakes cookies and acts loving and nice, I prefer to have people make me cookies and then throw it at them if i don’t like it.

  • Alicia E

    Gertrude, clearly you do not need my defense. I am laughing so hard from your post that I can barely type. Talk to you all tomorrow! lol

  • Jennifer

    Gertrude you would throw cookies in someone face after they made them for you. I believe you are that rude.

  • Michael Jenkins

    I don`t think Gertrude has any manners, she needs a time out.

  • Lily

    Thanks for the article but I must say why is it when people do an interview with him in person or on the phone the first thing that pops out of their mouth is 12/29. I’m not trying to offend you but geez. No wonder he gets tired of talking about it. I would too. It is what is it. He didn’t write it but by the way some fans treat him you would have thought he wrote it and he was one in real life. Man, let it go people. He is nominated as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and instead of talking about that you talk about something that happened almost 4 years. Excuse me while I yawn.

    Personally in my opinion there were a ton of things to talk about but you picked tattoos, the fact the man says the F word, and his character was a rapist. Really wasn’t there anything else you could have talked about? If this show was on cable you wouldn’t be renewed.

    Next time do your homework and try not to make yourself look silly by asking something that everyone and their mother has asked for the past 4 years.

  • Stonelola47

    He is covering up his old girlfriends name he had tattooed on his shoulder with other tattoos!

  • Terryann0329

    Thanks for posting..I love James Scott and his uber talent. I would love to see the tats though! It is nice knowing it didn’t sit with him well the way they did the “rape” and he is tired of talking about it. It is such old news there is so much more to EJ Dimera then that..It is also nice how you mentioned the fbomb being dropped…I always like when they are candid and are down to earth…enjoyed this thank you again.

  • hiya

    he’s from the UK. they say fuck all the time, and it don’t think it holds as much value there as it does here.

  • truth

    Nah he NEVER did that, delusional hater…NEVER !