Casey Deidrick Interview

by Amy and Jabie Plouf
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Daystalk was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Casey Deidrick. I continue to  be impressed by the actors on Days and the manner in which they conduct themselves. Casey is no exception. He is as personable as he is dedicated to his fans.

DaysTalk: I was incredibly impressed with your scenes with James Scott. Specifically the episode where your character demanded to get Sydney back. People often comment that other actors are dwarfed by his acting, but you held your own completely. What were you thinking heading into that scene?

Deidrick: Haha A lot of people tell me they’re intimidated when working with James, and I never understood why…Most likely his height or his witty British Humor:) I’m the only actor on the show that he doesn’t have to look down at. I just kinda jumped in the scene not really thinking about it, my character was only thinking of getting the baby, I wasn’t going to let fear run the scene. I have a lot of respect for James and I hope to have more scenes with him.

DaysTalk: You have a movie in production, Settle. When will that be available and how can we see it?

Deidrick: Settle was written and directed by my old roommate Michael A. Hamilton. The film is in its final stages of editing. I will let everyone know once its finished:)

DaysTalk: You are a man of many talents. A champion  as well as a musician. I am sure fans want to learn more about your band, A Dreadful Fall. What can you share with us about these other aspects of your life?

Deidrick: I grew up skateboarding…it’s been apart of me my whole life. I remember skating to and from school everyday and making skate videos with all my friends. I got sponsored at an early age, and started competing in competitions. Then I got into music, especially the heavy metal/hardcore music. I loved the energy it brought, and I always got so pumped up every time I’d hear it…it wasn’t long till I found out I could scream and decided to join A Dreadful Fall…a lot of people that listen to it are probably thinking, “what the hell this music?” but there’s this huge following of kids and fans that love this kind of music. We haven’t had any shows lately because some of the guys have been busy with school and have other things to focus on at the moment. But I love my band and should be coming up with new songs soon!:)

DaysTalk: You have appeared on 90210 as well as Wizards of Waverly Place (which aired this past Monday, March 8th on the Disney Channel at 5:30 pm). Quite the change from Days. How did you enjoy those roles?

Deidrick: My first acting job was on 90120 and then shortly after I got Wizards of Waverly Place. Both completely different styles of acting. Taping of WOWP was in front of a live audience, and it took almost 3 hours to film a 2 page scene for 90120…but a great learning experience from both shows. It was a learning stretch when working on 90210 then switching to Disney because they want BIG/ overly dramatic acting:)

DaysTalk: Which actors would you like to work with and why?

Deidrick: not sure if you mean on DOOL or just in general, but if it was in regards to DOOL, of course I’d love to work with Molly:) and I’d live to work with Leonardo DiCaprio…love his work!

DaysTalk: Your role was a newly created character. How did you prepare to take on that role, without having an established character to build on?

Deidrick: I wrote a lot of backstory on my character to prepare for the role. When you have a newly created character with no background to base it off of, you gotta create it and make it real enough for you to believe. I just try to put myself in the characters shoes and really try to listen to what the other people in the scene are saying.

  • Heather

    Really good interview, thank you guys.

  • Barbara Kwiatkowski

    Thanks, for letting us know what is going on in your life! I enjoy watching your scenes on Days.

  • DaysFanatic/BooDSM

    Awesome interview guys–you never cease to amaze me! 🙂

  • Krista

    What a great interview, thank you! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Thats too cool you guys get the in with some of the actors. I hope one day you get to do a face to face live blog interview w/ one of them. Thats be sweet.

  • Chad

    great interview, he is completely irresistable! kudos guys!

  • Gertrude

    I really don’t know what’s Cassey’s role in the show, his character is uninteresting and he really doesn’t belong and now they are giving him his own storilines and a girlfriend, Gabby, and family members. His character is only known for being the ex boyfriend of the girl that gave Nicole a baby. I could understand why Mia is important because she is Will’s girlfriend and Will being the son of Sammi and Lucas makes him important but why they decided to add Chad to the show is beyond me.

  • Lauren

    Hey maybe Chad is tied to a Salem core family and we don’t know yet..a Dimera, a Kiriakis, a Horton maybe even a Brady..a Alamain..who knows…
    His character has not a real purpose i agree but at least he can act unlike some newbies.. The actor is fun to watch so i say go on Casey ! I am looking forward to see his scenes with Jessica Tuck, he is lucky to work with her. I hope he will have more storylines with core/vets characters though.

  • Michael Jenkins

    Chad is my favorite teen on the show, really good interview by the actor.

  • Snow White

    Casey really looks good up against EJ. I hope there will be alot more of Casey in the show, he has been absent lately and we are watching that boring stuff of Carly and Sammi which is boring the hell out of me. Get some action going. the show needs a kick!!!!!!!!!!