Sami and EJ will get back together


By James Plouf

Lucas and Sami are finished. They had a good run. But that story line is dead. Lucas is more of Sami’s confidant now. 

It seems obvious that EJ and Sami will have some kind of grand reconciliation once the news of the baby switching comes out. I can’t see them being a power couple any time soon. But those two have passion. Hey. Power couples are not built overnight. Now that the rape thing is resolved I don’t see anything holding those two back.

But where does Rafe fit in? When will he cross the line?

  • Janice

    I hope that E.J. and Sami get back together soon! They are good together. They’ve got spice. Get rid of Nicole and put her with Brady. He seems to be able to handle her better than E.J. He doesn’t fall for her bull.

  • Sue

    Rafe is hot and sexy Sammi has chemistry
    with him

  • http://ladyskibo jackie brown

    I sincerely hope that Sami winds up with Rafe. They have chemistry. I have never warmed up to EJ and I like him even less now that he is running the Dimera empire. Can’t raise a child in that atmosphere. Unhealthy.

  • deedrah

    I would love to see Sami with Rafe. There is a special chemistry between them. Her and EJ have too much negative baggage. You can tell Rafe is a geniunely good guy and really cares for her. That’s what she needs. No other hidden agendas there from Rafe.

  • diane

    Sami and EJ-there is fire but love. Would be hot for a long while. Rafe is boring. I do not see chemistry there at all.

  • vickie

    Sami and EJ belong together

  • Carol

    I love to see Sami with Rafe together. Sami has grown up and mature through the witness program and Rafe has help her too lot. They have amazing, hot chemistry together. Love the way Rafe looks at Sami, and he doesn’t let het get anything pass him. Sami and Rafe are fallin fast for each other.

  • Bel

    I don’t want to see Sami with EJ. Sami and Rafe are great together. I would like to see them raise the baby together even if it’s not Sami’s real baby. I can’t wait till the day comes when the truth comes out.

  • untamedht

    Sami and Rafe…..I love Galen Gering….Sami and EJ is played out. And Boring Lucas. It’s all about Rafe….Sami is a lucky Girl.

  • Angela

    I would to see Sammi and rafe hit it off he is hot and he seems to care about her and her baby.

  • Alyssa

    Love Sami with EJ, but I also am liking her with Rafe. Lucas needs to put in Sami’s ancient history bin.

  • Mercedes

    I would love to see Ej&Sami get back together, cannot stand Ej and Nicole with the constant lies and manipulations .Not saying that Sami has not had her fair share of deceptions , Nicole’s deceptions are amoral – There is no concience no remorse , she is quitessentially self centered and psuedo sophisticated.

  • Raymone

    For Goodness Sakes…let’s get Sami and EJ back together. They are phenominal together and I can never understand why the writers don’t see it. EJ and Nicole are like two actors rehearsing their lines…the sizzle is undeniable when Sami and EJ are just in the same room.

  • Tamera

    I’ve watched this show before Sammi was ever born and so far she’s always been a holy terror and doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. I’m so tired of the whole baby switch story, I can’t wait for that to end. Rafe is too good for her and doesn’t have any of her kids. I think she met her match when she fell for EJ. They both seem to get off on the fierce chase! Rafe would be good with either Chelsea or Stephanie.

  • Marquetta

    I can see that when Sami comes back she’s going to end up meeting her real baby and she’s going to be telling people that that’s her baby…something’s going to happen to the baby that needs the parents blood and it’s going to show that nicole isn’t the mother but all the while no one believed Sami when she told them so that’s when she’s going to be sick of EJ and decide to stay with Rafe.

  • Joyce

    Sami and EJ are great together. Rafe is to much of a boy next door for Sami. There is fire between Same and EJ. I can see a bunch of storylines that would be fun, fast, and fanatic for the two of them.

  • Vicky

    I was hoping to see RAF with Sami for a while. He seemed to like her and has been through alot with her. Nicole needs to get busted though. What is that young girl gonna say when it is really not her baby with Nicole? Interesting.



  • Dona

    They need to keep Sami and Rafe together. They are the best story line on the show right now. They can keep EJ and Nicole together as far as I’m concerned. They are a lot alike and Nicole actually seems to love EJ. I know a lot of people are waitiing for Sami and Rafe to go back to Salem and we keep hoping that in the end Sami and Rafe end up together.

  • val

    To me there is no question to it: Rafe and Sami. I don’t get how people think EJ is better than Rafe. Ej may be good looking, with a British accent but seriously. He is a jerk who has to manipulate Sami and pretend to change when in reality, he’s still the same. It would be to me out of Sami’s character if the put EJAMI together in the end. She will never accept him, and she is about family. Rafe however is hotter than EJ, doesn’t have that cocky sissy personality. He is real, funny, sweet (like what he did for Sami on christmas) he needs a little more life I agree, but in WPP he is supposed to be boring. ITS HIS JOB. Aside that, EJ apparently tries to file a complaint against Rafe even though Sami wants Rafe in Salem. I can’t wait to see Rafe and Sami kiss, and EJ to take it in. Unlike Lucas, Rafe is a threat to Sami, cause he has the nice, family quality like Lucas, and the bad side like EJ.

  • leonie

    i love sami and rafe together.their refreshing because its not a conniving relationship like it was with lucas or ej.
    rafe has provwn to be genuine in liking sami and her baby.
    ej has done nothing but screw nicole at every opportunity
    it would be good for ej to see sami has moved on with someone else it wouldnt hurt ej to get a little jelouse.
    i would like sami and rafe to some hot bedroom love going ,wouldnt it be great it ej and lucas walked in on them.
    the one girl i can not stand is nicole she is a slut who can only get men to love her through lies and sleeping with them.
    i say to sami brady forget ej and lucas go for that gorgeous rafe.

  • Lyncoln

    Yes, EJ and Sami will definitely get back together! They are destined for each other! Lucas is her past…Rafe might be her present….but EJ…he’s her past, present, AND future!!! Can’t wait for these two to finally come together for good!

  • Kate

    Frankly, I and most women everywhere are insulted that you would say the rape has been resolved. EJ never did jail time for it. Sami can forgive him over time, but to imply that she should be with her rapist, is beyond sick.

  • Kate

    Furthermore, if you think for a second that Sami and her soulmate, Lucas, are done for good, you don’t know Days as well as you think you do. EJ and Sami are done for good. Rafe is a way for Sami to realize what she has known all along, she belongs with Lucas.

  • leonie

    i want sami and rafe together,i recently watched a episode where sami and ej saw each other for the first time at the mansion and there was no spark between them at all.probaly because they have been kept apart for so long now.i recently saw on youtube sami and rafe kisssing it was so hot.
    rafe has proven he is going to treat sami much better than ej has ever has.
    now rafe has decided to stay in salem he and sami should move in together and raise grace together.
    i do hope ej wakes up to himself.nicole has been his downfall.i hope the writers dont trash,bash,and bury sami and rafe like they did to sami and ej.

  • Tracey

    Sami and EJ belong together…it’s just a matter of time before the writers of Days bring them back together. When EJ finds out about the baby switch, Nicole will be out of the picture and he will go running to Sami.

    Everyone better set their digital recorder for that episode!

    Cheers 🙂

  • Leah

    I think EJ and Sami belong together. They have so much history. They look good together, there’s the passion and fire there as well as the humour and being fun loving together. I like the way EJ is with Sami…… sweet and vulnerable.
    I reckon they are the new “Bo and Hope” of Days of Our Lives.
    Get them back together……..

  • staci

    i love sammi and Ej and the love they have for each other..rafe is not a man! she needs a strong lover,she needs to tell him about grace.

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  • sj

    Please put Sami and EJ together, RAFE is BORING, and so is SAMI with him. That coupling is killing the show.

    Please let EJ find out about Grace and that Nicole was so mean to Tony.

  • julie

    People it’s a soap opera, everything is crazy, it’s nothing like real life, it’s for this reason that people watch. It’s just entertaining so put together people who are exciting it’s just an obvious decision. The writers should be very dumb to not reunite Ej and Sami : these actors have The white hot chemistry, the other actors have not. For powerful couple only Hope and Bo can compete. If they want people watching (and not only older fans) and a real supercouple one answer : Ejami. Simple like that.

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  • Rwilburn

    I hope ej and sami get Back together in 2012

  • Rwilburn

    Will ej and sami get back together in 2012

  • Chrystal

    I want Ejami together. They are so hot. Even their hate smolders