31 Jan, 2014

Days Weekly Preview February 3, 2014

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Abby and EJ in the shower

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21 Aug, 2012

Do We Want Ian to be EJ’s Daddy?

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by Amy Plouf

As you know, we are spoiler free. Which means we do not make any attempts to find out what is happening on DOOL in advance. I feel like I need to say that because it seems SO obvious to me that Ian is EJ’s papa. So obvious in fact, I am sure the comment section is going to be full of remarks like, “DUH- we already know that from Soap Opera Digest.” (please don’t tell me if you know)

But…. is that what you want?

Please do feel free to share how much you love or loathe that possibility. Also, who do you hope EJ’s parents are? Is it possible Susan isn’t really the mother?

19 Aug, 2012

Lucas Loses Again

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by Amy and Jabie Plouf

EJami kiss, Daniel plans to end things with Nicole, Kate is on
her way to tell Roman about Ian. EJ is knocked out. Rafe catches Sami.

01 Jul, 2012

EJami Reborn

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by Amy and Jabie Plouf

Salem gathers to mourn Lexie. Kayla announces her marriage to Steve is over. Nicole and Daniel have dinner and kiss. EJami have a moment.

27 Jun, 2012

Sonny Has Feelings for Will

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by Amy and Jabie Plouf

Sami and Lucas try to convince Will to stay away from EJ. Sami confronts EJ. Sonny reveals to Lucas he has feelings for WIll. Rafe and Agent Spencer can’t get a warrant to search EJ’s apartment so Nicole trys to do it. Will asks EJ what he saw in his mom. EJ won’t give up on Nicole’s baby.

by Amy and Jabie Plouf

Hope and Bo grieve Lexie. EJ convinces his father’s lawyer, Arthur, to forget the change of will or his paternity. Will plans to uncover EJ’s secret and nail him with it. Will being gay is the news of the town. Lumi is back together for real. Daniel and Nicole kiss.

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